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(Tending)(to)(Ta) + Q&A

Wed Nov 10, 18:45

Film,Q+A, Castle Cinema, £11 / £9 con

An interdimensional correspondence between two beings sharing queer kinship and rooted in ‘tā’, the monosyllabic sound which in Mandarin Chinese encompasses all third person pronouns: 他 (third person male), 她 (third person female), and 它(more-than-human lifeforms and objects).

This experimental, narrative-led speculative fiction follows an exchange of internal letters between two protagonists who imagine one another across parallel dimensions. Each communicates to an envisioned other, who exists as a possibility beyond their self-perceived boundaries of reality, and these two beings meet in a shared world of imagination. In this reciprocal reach for the unknown, a world that bears an uncanny
resemblance to our contemporary reality – colonised by Western capitalist constructs of race, gender and class, and characterised by a collective distance from Ta – opens a portal to another realm.

There is something familiar in the strangeness of the worlds portrayed after the strangemess of the past two years, and a beautiful imagination spaceto seep into our lives from the meditative pace and queer, nature-infused rituals of this expansive film.

CW: flashing images, hair-pulling/ritual self-harm
(TENDING)(TO)(TA) |  ​dir. April Lin 林森 | UK 2021 | 65' | English with subtitles

Starring: Samiir Saunders, Puer Deorum, Clarinda Tse
Chantel Foo as Voice of Meditation Guide
April Lin 林森 as Voice of Ta

Commissioned by Obsidian Coast. This film has been generously supported by Arts Council England and The Elephant Trust with in-kind support from Ugly Duck and Obsidian Coast

Lastly, a big dose of appreciation for all the leaves, branches, vines, stems, flowers, trunks, tussocks, roots, seeds, rocks, cliffs, streams, muds, raindrops, winds, sunlight, almonds, jellyfish, sharks, and maggots for their crucial participation in this work. This film is dedicated to all of us who have had very Real Relationships with Imagined Selves, Imagined Others, and Imagined Worlds.


Programme supported by Film Hub London, managed by Film London. Proud to be a partner of the BFI Film Audience Network, funded by the National Lottery.

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