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Shorts: Young Hearts

Fri Nov 12, 16:00 to 17:30

Film,Kids, Rose Lipman Building, £5 / £0 con

Get ready to have your heartstrings tugged by these 10 shorts that explore and celebrate the confusion, frustration, joy and euphoria of queer teen life.

FIRST KISS (WITH A GIRL) | dir. Clodagh Chapman | United Kingdom 2020 | 3'
Exploring that special magic of adolescence, First Kiss (With A Girl) is a kitschy low-fi glance at queer intimacy.

TO YOU MY LOVE | dir. Olivia Gastaldo | United States 2021 | 5'
Investigate the visual poetry of a love letter filled with queer joy and desire.

PISTACHIO | dir. Isabella Spadone | United States 2021 | 6'
Petra searches for a way to answer an unexpected question from her friend.

A TEAM OF TWO | dir. André Santos | Brazil 2021 | 11'
Soccer teammates Flávio and Wendel realises that what they feel for each other might be more than just friendship.

PARRY RIPOSTE | dir. Goldbloom Micomonaco | Canada 2020 | 15'
The trans-national fencing team finds their studio destroyed and must fix it while trying to make space for themselves in the sport of fencing.

GAY TEEN WEREWOLF | dir. Andy Rose Fidoten | United States 2020 | 14'
The Gay Teen Werewolf has a problem. She has a crush on a vampire.

ARTEMIS | dir. Jack Warren | United States 2020 | 12'
Hayes struggles to fit in with his live action roleplaying friends, but his discovery of a blue dress transforms a game of pretend into a journey of gender discovery.

SELF STORY | dir. Géraldine Charpentier | Belgium 2018 | 5'
Lou talks about their relationship to gender, clothes, and other markers.

CABIN FEVER | dir. Keaton Harper | United States 2021 |8'
When arriving to a cabin with his friends, Forrest realizes he’s left something at home that he can’t go without. 

SUDDEN FLASH | dir. Maho Irigoyen | Mexico 2021 | 3'
A dive in the river makes a trans man reflect on his past


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