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Shorts: Witch, Please!

Fri Nov 13, 19:15

Film, Virtual Hub (Friday Day Pass), £5 / £1 con

This event will be streamed live in the Fringe! virtual hub from the advertised time and will not be available once the live stream has ended.

Witchy spells, woodland spirits, apocalyptic visions and a nod to Buffy coalesce in this selection of shorts that take their protagonists on all sorts of otherworldly adventures from New England to Newcastle.

LIGHT ON A PATH, FOLLOW | dir. Elliot Montague | USA 2019 | 15’
A pregnant trans person in 1990s New England encounters a mystical creature in the forest near their home. Will the spirit benignly guide them through labour or does it have malevolent intentions?

Ballroom culture and ancestral rituals infuse in a nourishing potion brewed up by a Black, queer, fashion coven.

BEFORE THE BLUE | dir. Romy Pocztaruk | Brazil 2019 | 14’
A radical queer high priestess offers us an escape from being human in this visually rich prophecy touching on the passage of time, death technologies, the power of animal and mineral bodies, and art as a possible trace left by humanity when it ceases to exist after surrendering to its own omnipotence.

ESCAPING THE FRAGILE PLANET | dir. Thanasis Tsimpinis | Greece 2020 | 17’
Two men meet by chance in a city engulfed in a millennial pink, toxic fog, a few hours before the world ends. Sharing a few tender moments in a love story that will only last a day in this Instagram dystopia.

LOVE SPELL | dir. Lauren Vevers | UK 2020 | 10’
Buffy-obsessed Amber wonders if casting a spell will finally steer her best friend Demi to the queer side. 

DISSONANCE | dir. Kim Garcia | USA 2020 | 13’
A group of queer teenagers hang out in gay bars and bedrooms. As they explore an abandoned warehouse one of them makes an eerie discovery.

THE PROCEDURE | dir. Larissa Bertolini | Brazil 2019 | 7’
Are you ready to escape the trap of heteronormativity? Then get ready for the procedure, a journey into the fever dream of your deepest, unconscious desires.
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