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Shorts: That's How the Light Gets In

Sun Nov 18, 15:00

Film,Q+A, Hackney House, Free

How do we process and express the experience of breaking and reforming, of reinventing and reclaiming, and finding our signifiers in the least-anticipated places? A challenging collection of experimental films and artists’ moving image charting the cracking and reconstructing of the queer experience looking towards the future.

Please note: this programme contains nudity and a discussion and sound of eating meat.

39 FACEPALMS | dir. Jeff Page | USA | 2018 |1'00 on loop 3 times, so 3’00
Aloof otter, unapproachable, intriguing and shallow, kinda damaged, over-sharer… 39 shame-filled, self-deprecating catty statements (for the filmmakers 39th birthday) that flicker in and out of legibility in silence, using shame as tool or material for transformation.

BOYS BEWARE | dir. Callahan Bracken | Canada | 2017 | 1'05
In recontextualizing archival footage from the 20th century, including from the titular 1961 PSA alligning all homosexuals as paedophiles, this hand-drawn collage aims to suss out alienating trends in hyper-masculine relationships.

CLOSET WITH - FUNERAL REGRESTS | dir. Autojektor | UK | 2017 | 2'55
Super8 manipulator Autojektor creates an assaulting suburbicon of rage, despair, and reclamation from the  burned-out faces of queer childhood erasure and family trauma, set to the backdrop of Iowa grindcore outfit Closet Witch’s furious wall of hardcore punk.

Sky above Water | Himmel über Wasser | dir. Gitte Schmitz | Germany | 2018 | 4'09
A contemporary interpretation of José Agrippino de Paula’s and Maria Esther Stockler’s Ceu sobre agua (1978), relocated from tropical Brazil to an industrial utility area on the river Elbe.

SOMETHING SAID | dir. Jay Bernard | UK | 2017 | 7'26
Haunted by the history of the 1981 New Cross Fire, this film is an imaginative, gestural letter to Yvonne Ruddock (the 16 year-old whose birthday was being celebrated the night of the fire) that serves as an exploration of the larger social and political rupture that followed the fire, and a smaller, individual attempt to reconcile one's queer present and the black radical past.

THE WORLD IS ROUIND SO THAT NOBODY CAN HIDE IN THE CORNERS — PART II: THE KISS | dir. Leandro Goddinho | Germany | 2017 | 4’45
An Nigerian refugee visits the Gay Holocaust Memorial in Berlin and imagines the power and bravery of a simple kiss. Part of a series about a gay refugee seeking asylum in Germany who was forced to flee to save himself from persecution.

BENDING THE LINE | dir. Ruth Goldman | USA | 2016 | 7'19
What does gender sound like? This old school video combines a simple, playful visual aesthetic with complex sound to challenge and queer assumptions about gender: bending the frame and pushing the sound wave.

QUEER BABEL | dir. Timothy Smith | UK | 2018 | 9'00
The surprising and disturbing result of a forced interaction between two different artificial intelligence interfaces as an homage to Alan Turing and a questioning of how can we use technology to disrupt the algorithmic forces of hatred and oppression.

DID YOU KNOW? | dir. Lynn Kim | USA | 2018 | 7'46
This stunning animation brings together the intersection of queerness, hyenas, consuming stigma and eating meat.

REALITY FRAGMENT 160921 | dir. Qigemu | USA, Spain, Sweden | 2018 | 14’00
Curating and configuring what space, time, and memory of experience actually means in a digital/virtual age, this captivating film is a coming together, intertwining, messy, fragmented crossing from lovers Jasmine Lin, April Lin exploring the interstices of movement, visual media, identity, and the global Asian diaspora as respectively, Chinese-Swedish and Taiwanese-American.

This event is supported by Hackney Council through its Hackney Pride 365 initiative

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