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Shorts: Survive & Thrive

Fri Nov 15, 19:00

Film, Stoke Newington Library Gallery, Free

An illustration of the many ways queer people are forced to engage with, and overcome, the narratives, perceptions and structures that shape our experiences. This programme highlights how folk have learnt to recognise these structures and create new languages, cultures and identities that allow us to Survive and Thrive.

SISSY FATIGUE | dir. Oscar Oldershaw | UK | 2019 | 6min
A dance film that takes a trip from fetishised femininity to feared creature of transgression.

IN THE MARGINS: ILLUMINATING ISLAMIC QUEERNESS | dir. Layla Abdul-Jabbar | USA | 2019 | 8min
An experimental animation that gives voice to the realities of intersectionality when moving through and occupying space.

PEOPLE LIKE ME | dir. Marrok Sedgwick | USA | 2019 | 20min 
A film about autism acceptance told from the hands of nonspeaking autistic people.

TALES OF A PRETTY BLACK ASS | dir. Juicebox Burton / Oppressed Juice | USA | 2019 | 8min
One Black Twink exams the ways they are seen; through the lenses of race, sex work and desire.

DIX PIX | dir. Steven Fraser | UK | 2019 | 4min 
An animated film about the culture of sending dick pics, and the gay/trans/non binary bodies that send them.

SWEETHEART DANCERS | dir. Ben-Alex Dupris | USA | 2019 | 14min
A Two-Spirit couple determined to rewrite the rules of Native American culture through their participation in the "Sweetheart Dance."

HANGING BY A THREAD | dir. Russel Atkinson | UK | 2019 | 3min
An animation film, highlighting the struggle of loneliness and irrational thought.

BUBBY & THEM | dir. Hazel Katz, JeJae Daniels | USA | 2017 | 20min
Adoptive grandmother Bubby Razi provides a space of refuge and resilience for non-binary whirlwind Je’Jae.

WAITING FOR COLOR | dir. Kosta Karakashyan | USA | 2018 | 7min
A documentary dance film revealing the harsh reality of LGBTIQA+ persecution in the Chechen region of Russia.

WELCOME TO THE BALL | dir. Adam Vincent Wright | USA | 2019 | 5min
A child learns sign language to make a new friend.


All the films in this programme have English subtitles and audio-description and the Q&A will be BSL interpreted.

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