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Shorts: RAW Material

Sat Nov 14, 13:30

Film, Virtual Hub (Saturday Day Pass), £7.5 / £1 con

This event will be streamed live in the Fringe! virtual hub from the advertised time and will not be available once the live stream has ended.

Pour yourself a BIG cup of coffee and prepare for a Fringe-tastic sensory trip, that may leaving you feeling raw. This collection of experimental shorts from some familiar faces and exciting new voices is the perfect tonic to that Friday night hangover.

REMINISCE | dir. Kevely Ferreira | USA 2020 | 4’
Get all those digital pangs of nostalgia in this chat room romp.

AIRDROP | dir. Elly Clarke | UK 2020 | 3’
#Sergina wants your data, she wants your story… will you let her in?

THE ROOM BETWEEN HER AND HER | dir. Yujie Cao | China 2020 | 5’
Two queer bodies understand intimacy feeling their way through childhood memories, honey and flowers.

SOME FUCKING FICTIONS | dir. Nixie Van Laere | Belgium 2020 | 8’
A multisensory haunted house tour of queerness and sexual consent.

CW: Flashing Imagery.

FLUID BOUND | dir. Rob Fatal | USA 2020 | 8’
Technology and Dance, Skin and Soul, all collide in this Two Spirit, Mestizo contemplation.

BLANK / SPACE | dir. Day Mattar | UK 2020 | 3’
A.I. enunciated ponderings of a queer in isolation.

THE CORRECTIVE KISS | dir. Lauren John Joseph | UK 2020 | 8’
To live is to perform, the world outside our front door a mere stage. But, what happens when a pandemic makes us afraid to cross the threshold.

THE QUARANTINE DIARIES | dirs. Oliver Tida Tida & RV | Belgium 2020 | 9’
An isolated correspondence, confronting the ever involving pandemic through the body.

CW: Flashing Imagery.

TRANSITIONS I: MOVEMENT IN SPIRIT | dir. Tobi Adebajo | Nigeria 2020 | 6’
A beautiful movement piece, conjuring up a body’s journey through life and pain.

PLANT PORTALS: BREATH | dir. Nicky Chue | UK 2020 | 4’
And… breathe.

DESIRE | dir. Jingqian Zhou | France 2020 | 6’
Subtly erotic and tenderly moving, this slow burn will change the way you see plastic bags.

HAIR, QUEER AND RAIN | dir. Ji Kim | South Korea 2020 | 3’
Shower time meditations on the assimilations of pubic hair and white western ideals.

THE BEAUTY OF THE ORIGIN | dir. Cristina Dezi & Hannah Molcar | Spain 2019 | 3’
Dive deep into a universe of vulvas in this black and white experimentation on self acceptance and appreciation.

THE GODS OF TINY THINGS | dir. Deborah Kelly | Australia 2019 | 6’
Prepare to be mesmerised by this stunning collage animation about queer insurrection and the choreography of the dance at the end of time

THROAT CHAQRA THERAPY | dir. Jeff Page | USA 2020 | 2’
Queerness as therapy in this playful yet personal short about ‘gay’ words.

BABY LIES TRUTHFULLY | dir. Joseph Ingham | UK 20 | 6’
The words of David Robilliard is heard once again in this beautiful archive poem narrated by Russell Tovey.

BROTH OF VIGOUR | dir. Daniel McIntyre | Canada 2020 | 6’
A bubbling hot pot of sci-fi, wrestling and competitive cooking.

SPECTRUM | dir. Artur Zaremba | UK 2018 | 4’
A fusion of the present and the past in this questioning of masculinity in dance and society.

ABSOLUTION | dir. Federico Canal Santiangeli | Spain 2020 | 3’
What makes a man? Is it a cock… We finish this rollercoaster of a programme with this visual poem on working class masculinity.

Access to this event is included in the Saturday Day Pass which is available at a Pay What You Can, General Admission and Fringe! Donation price level.​

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Programme supported by Film Hub London, managed by Film London. Proud to be a partner of the BFI Film Audience Network, funded by the National Lottery.

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