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Shorts: Queer come the Ghouls

Sun Nov 14, 16:30 to 18:00

Film, Rose Lipman Building, £Pay what you can / £Free con

I mean what would you call your 11th spooky short film programme?! These 5 films are a masterclass in the fluidity of the horror genre.

Beware of the big MonsterDykë that sits on your doorstep! Terrifying time looping villas, blood-curdling body horror and mystical mermaids wait in the shadows of celluloid for you mere mortals in this collection of spooky shorts that are sure to keep your senses saturated. 

LOVE YOU FOREVER | dir. Sepand Mashiahof, Sepehr Mashiahof, Hana Harada | USA 2020 | 21’ 
Iranian trans goth girl blood sisters are haunted by a mysterious loss in this remarkable psychological horror.

ERMA | dir. Angelos Charalambous | Greece 2021 | 12’ 
A haunting experimental stop-motion animation that reveals the violence of heteronormativity, gender and patriarchy on our bodies.

RUPTURED | dir. Max Disgrace | UK 2021 | 15’
A psychological horror strikes fear into the body and perceptions of ethical performer Lina Bembe. CW// effective threat of sexual violence.

MONSTERDYKË | dir. Kaye Adelaide, Mariel Sharp | Canada 2021 | 4’
A trans sculptress curates her ultimate lover in this hilarious and oddly touching short.

WITCH FINDER PHENOMENAL | dir. Maria Rosamojo | UK 2021| 18’
1980s Harlesden. A mixed-race queer girl encounters witches, mermaids and wolves as she tries to free herself from the evil spectre of gender, racism, abuse and dissociation.


CW: nudity, sex, and depictions of sexualised violence and horror in Ruptured. Depiction of murder and flashing lights.


Programme supported by Film Hub London, managed by Film London. Proud to be a partner of the BFI Film Audience Network, funded by the National Lottery.

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