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Shorts: Mapping Kink

Sat Nov 14, 21:15

Film, Virtual Hub (Saturday Day Pass), £7.5 / £1 con

This event will be streamed live in the Fringe! virtual hub from the advertised time and will not be available once the live stream has ended.

Kink is political, kink is grizzly, kink is healing, kink is revealing, kink is universal. Breathe into a plethora of alternative fetishisations: from shame to pain, piss to trees, bring an open mind.

MOTTA | dir. Nish Gera | UK 2020 | 15' 
A non-fiction introduction to the work of Motta, which explores the beauty of bondage.

SHATTERED | dir. Salty Cheri | Germany 2019 | 5' 
How many queers does it take to change a light bulb? A breath-taking short about intimacy and safe spaces.

DOLL PARTS | dir. Vex Ashley | Germany 2020 | 12’ 
Classic porno aesthetics are subverted in this psychedelic femdom fever dream.

SCAT | dir. Eugene Caines | UK 2019 | 11' 
The body is a skin canvas: an entrance and an exit, in this hypnotic, earthy short.

ARCHETYPE | dir. Vex Ashley | Germany 2020 | 12’ 
A window image over leather sees two hot Masc of Centre people embrace their hungers.

ANTIFA FAGGOTS | dir. Lasse Långström | Germany 2020 | 25' 
'I still think we should molotov the sourdough place on the corner!' someone cries. At the meeting the toxic hegemonic patriarchy is out-hated - someone has put meat in the fridge, and he must be punished mercilessly.

CW: BDSM, humiliation, insertion, fisting, punishment

BAMBI AND DAHLIA'S BIG MOVIE IDEA PART 1 | dirs. Bambi K, Dahlia Snow | USA 2019 | 9' 
Enter the home of Bambi and Dahlia. Find your role in a dynamic of bad mommies, a bathroom, and a gimp.

CW: blood, cutting, bondage, domination, anal fisting, punishment, urine

Access to this event is included in the Saturday Day Pass which is available at a Pay What You Can, General Admission and Fringe! Donation price level.​


Borrowed from the extensive hanky code
Borrowed from the extensive hanky code



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