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Shorts: Mapping Kink

Sat Nov 14, 21:10

Film, Online, £7.5 / £1 con

Kink is political, kink is grizzly, kink is healing, kink is revealing, kink is universal. Breathe into a plethora of alternative fetishisations: from shame to pain, piss to trees, bring an open mind.

MOTTA | dir. Nish Gera | UK 2020 | 15' 
A non-fiction introduction to the work of Motta, which explores the beauty of bondage.

SHATTERED | dir. Salty Cheri | Germany 2019 | 5' 
How many queers does it take to change a light bulb? A breath-taking short about intimacy and safe spaces.

DOLL PARTS | dir. Vex Ashley | Germany 2020 | 12’ 
Classic porno aesthetics are subverted in this psychedelic femdom fever dream.

KIBANG AYOK | dir. Achmad Rezi Fahlevie | Indonesia 2020 | 7' 
Films promoting homosexuality are illegal in Indonesia. So this is the mystical story of a man with dendrophilia (sexual attraction to trees).

SCAT | dir. Eugene Caines | UK 2019 | 11' 
The body is a skin canvas: an entrance and an exit, in this hypnotic, earthy short.

ARCHETYPE | dir. Vex Ashley | Germany 2020 | 12’ 
A window image over leather sees two hot Masc of Centre people embrace their hungers.

ANTIFA FAGGOTS | dir. Lasse Långström | Germany 2020 | 25' 
'I still think we should molotov the sourdough place on the corner!' someone cries. At the meeting the toxic hegemonic patriarchy is out-hated - someone has put meat in the fridge, and he must be punished mercilessly.

CW: BDSM, humiliation, insertion, fisting, punishment

BAMBI AND DAHLIA'S BIG MOVIE IDEA PART 1 | dirs. Bambi K, Dahlia Snow | USA 2019 | 9' 
Enter the home of Bambi and Dahlia. Find your role in a dynamic of bad mommies, a bathroom, and a gimp.

CW: blood, cutting, bondage, domination, anal fisting, punishment, urine

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Borrowed from the extensive hanky code
Borrowed from the extensive hanky code



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