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Shorts: Make Yr Own Kinda Music

Sun Nov 18, 13:00

Film,Q+A, Hackney House, Free

Beginning with a nod to last year’s Forbidden Games: The Justin Fashanu Story, this programme observes LGBTQIA+ people fighting for their place within unwelcoming spaces -- often fighting to simply exist. Queer endeavours are tough but also worthwhile: we navigate the world, we find our people, we make our own kinda music. For queer people, achieving the most simple desires often means living radically.

IN THE CROWD | dir. Greg Latham | UK | 14’
This documentary explores the experiences of queer football fans in the stands, and how they navigate this dual identity.

ROUND ONE | dir. Ella Sowinska | Australia | 4’15
A gorgeous and impressionistic record of the first Australian Football League women’s tournament in 2017.

BEYOND THE MARGINS: SHAY | dir. Craig Heathcote | UK | 3’11
Gender expression that transcends binaries is a new thing for some people. This film stems the tide of media sensationalism around non-binary gender by showcasing the humanity of real people. 

G.E.M | dir. Mike Hooves | Canada | 7’16
Canadian female and non-binary bike shop owners to reserve a day of comfort and freedom for them and their female and non-binary customers.

BASKA MEVZU / ANOTHER MATTER | dir. Bahar Kılıç Adilçe | Turkey | 11’56
Civan recently lost her mother. In bed with her mourning, this becomes the opportune time for her announcement. She no longer identifies as her mother’s son; she was born intersex.

SUNUNU: THE REVOLUTION OF LOVE | dir. Olivia Crellin | UK / Ecuador | 22’20
Sununu is the child of trans rights activists Fernando Machado and Diane Rodriguez, conceived naturally and birthed by Fernando. The couple balance parenting, global attention, and careers as high profile activists.

RIOT NOT DIET | dir. Julia Fuhr Mann | Austria / Germany | 16’50
Fuck BMIs, fuck the male gaze, this is a utopia where sexy fat queers and women are joyously palpable in physical space. Delicious.

IN THE FRAME | dir. Ion Gnatiuc | Moldova | 17’13
Oxana is a trans woman working as a frame dyer in Chisinau, Moldova. Fearing rejection she leads a double life, passing as binary genders, but her life changes when she’s invited to DJ at a queer party.

This event is supported by Hackney Council through its Hackney Pride 365 initiative

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