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Shorts: Live Action Spells for Queer Bodies

Sun Nov 14, 12:00

Film,Q+A, Rose Lipman Building, £5 / £0 con

Starting with a spell, and traversing a range of performance documentation and moving image work, join us to celebrate the power of radical artists using the body as material. The queer body becomes a marker of time, as marginalised bodies are reclaimed through the transformative power of impactful and mesmerising actions.


How Long is Ariadne's Thread? | dirs. Stav B, Hannah J Taylor | UK 2020 | 5’
A spell from a scene maven, a local, time-travelling mythopoesis.

As British As A Watermelon | dir. Graham Clayton-Chance | UK 2021 | 29’
In an unflinching auto fiction narrative, artist Mandla Rae rises from the dead.

you must everywhere wander (你必顧盼) | dir. Whiskey Chow | UK 2021 | 8’
A queer masculine body becomes a spectacular natural landscape where Chinese cooking spices grow.

I put on a suit and I cried | dir. Maz Murray | UK 2020 | 3’
This cheeky satire smacks glossy gender-bending with the mundane reality of trans life.

This Kind Body | dirs. Scottee, Lea Anderson | UK 2021 | 20’
What if fatness wasn’t seen as a cause of death but the reason you survive? Scottee’s Fat Blokes carve out this space in a utopian love letter.

Das Ding | dir. Cade Danieli | Brazil 2021 | 12’
“Why do hollows matter, when hollows aren’t matter?” From stop-motion animation to live action to music video, an unmissable achievement.

OBSOLESCENCE | dir. Caviar to the General | China 2021 | 12’
A magical and stirring reincarnation tale told through the body.

Shea | dir. Effy Adar | Canada 2021 | 2'
A movement-based spoken word ode to shea butter, tradition, and embodied connectedness.


CW: reference to trans- and queer- phobia, fatphobia, racism.


The films in this programme all have closed captions (CC),
but there is no access provision for the intro/Q&A.


Programme supported by Film Hub London, managed by Film London. Proud to be a partner of the BFI Film Audience Network, funded by the National Lottery.

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