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SHORTS: Hide and Seek

Fri Nov 15, 17:30

Film,Q+A, Hatch, Free

A programme of experimental shorts that push the boundaries of cinematic storytelling in a game of hide and seek that crosses dimensions, finds connection through movement, excavates the past, and gets right into your pants in the search for identity, love and existence.


The12Project | dir. Hadi Moussally | France | 2015 | 14min
Twelve one-minute shorts created by a queer collective based in Paris that weaves together the poetry of RJ Arkhipov with fashion, art, music, dance and more to create a symbolic universe exploring queerness, gender, and sexuality.

WAYWARD EMULSIONS | dir. Tina Takemoto | USA | 2018 | 4min
Queer glimpses of a wayward woman emerge, ghost-like from nearly 4000 pieces of emulsion scraped off of a discarded reel of 35mm Chinese drama. Set to the rhythmic percussion of a projector cadence, this mesmerising film is a literal excavation of reclaiming and rereading visual histories.

OF ORIGINS, PART 1: HANNAH | dir. Irit Reinheimer | USA, Germany | 2016 | 9min
A speculative love letter unites the lives and afterlives of a group of Jewish feminists in Germany in the early and mid-20th century. Archival footage, home movies, and rotoscoping combine to create tenderness and longing in a queer bond forged across time.

MY CRAZY BOXERS | dir. Krissy Mahan | USA | 2019 | 9min
Suicidal - or just a working class butch dyke caught in the wrong underpants? Pixellated fragments slowly materialise in this video based on actual meetings with hospital staff while in a psychiatric hospital system, creating a powerful and distressing elegy from the incessant gendering of underwear.

THE COMMIN FAG | dir. Denise Kenney | Canada | 2018 | 4min
A playful take on the nature documentary observing the Fag as he preens, explores his habitat and extricates himself from the beige restrictions of his box.

THE IMAGINARY WOMAN | dir. Laura Tatiana Benavides | Colombia, Estonia | 2019 | 12min
The witchy, earth goddess, dyke, lesbian quest into womanhood animated through poems, questions and songs of rejection, rupture, reflection and love

ENTROPIA | dir. Flóra Anna Buda | Hungary | 2018 | 10min
An explosion of hunger, raw sensuality, possibility and the abandonment of bras collide when three women's parallel universes collapse into one another. This stunning animation is the winner of the Teddy Award for Best Short at this year’s Berlin International Film Festival.

SWIVEL | dir. Lois Norman | UK | 2019 | 6min
Love is not a gender; it is a swivel of the heart. A genderfluid dance story starring Iron&Sparks that moves through tension, courage, desire, intimacy, and trust.

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