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Shorts: Fish Out Of Water

Sun Nov 17, 13:00

Film,Q+A, Rose Lipman Building, Free

presented with the young programmers of Project Indigo

Dive into a programme of shorts chosen by the Indigo Project and be taken on an aquatic journey where young queers find solace and reflection in gender transforming anemones, and coming out wisdom from the depths via the mouths of magical talking fish.


ACCEPTABLE FACE | dir. Holly Summerson | UK | 2019 | 6min
A beautiful fluid animation exploring societal expectations, micro aggressions and the acceptable face of Gay.

ANEMONE | dir. Amrou Al-Kadhi | UK | 2018 | 18min
When societal pressure escalates, Anemone finds comfort in the gender fluidity of sea creatures.

THE ONE YOU NEVER FORGET | dir. Morgan Jon Fox | USA | 2019 | 8min
Unsure how his parents will feel about his choice of prom date, Carey nervously prepares for his first dance.

SAMMY THE SALMON | dir. Jake Shannon | Australia | 2018 | 6min
When Spencer meets Sammy his life begins to go in the right direction, but even magical talking fish can get on your nerves.

EVA NON PIACE | dir. Martina Dimitrova | Germany | 2017 | 7min
A camp '80s tribute, and a near disaster in the hair salon.

ALMA | dir. Santiago León | Colombia | 2018 | 15min
Alma, a young trans woman, takes her first steps towards self love and relationships.

STONEWALL FOREVER | dir. Ro Haber | USA | 2019 | 21min
An intergenerational, intersectional look at the history of the Stonewall Riots and how the beginnings of the modern movement for LGBTIQA+ rights continue to influence and inspire new generations of activists.

EYES | dir. Lily Ash Sakula | UK | 2019 | 4min
A mixed media animation exploring how we move through the world. Are we looked at? Or are we seen?
​Made in collaboration with Project Indigo.

KIDDY SMILE: SLAP MY BUTT | dir. Pierre Saba-Aris | France | 2019 | 4min
A fun sexy and provocative take on the sex worker/client dynamic.

About Project Indigo

Project Indigo is a youth group for young people in Hackney who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer or intersex or who are questioning their sexual or gender identity, and aged between 13-25. It is a supportive space where young LGBTQI+ people can make friends, have fun and be creative. We do a wide range of different things, often based on what the members of the group want – for example we have gone to trans pride in Brighton, been involved in a mindfulness workshop and a zine making art session, and been given a Queer Tour of Hackney, as well as getting to watch loads of queer short films with Fringe.

We meet every Thursday, at the Off Centre in Hackney, from 5.30-7.30. Project indigo is supported by Susy, a youth worker, and Maya, a therapist. The group is free and confidential, wheelchair accessible and we work hard to make our sessions accessible for disabled members. We have accessible gender-neutral toilets and changing space if people want to change clothes for group. If you would like to join the group, you’re welcome just to come along, or you can get in contact with Susy or Maya and meet us first by emailing


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