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Shorts: F.O.C.K: Fabulous Orifices and Consensual Kinks

Sat Nov 17, 21:00

Film,Q+A, Hackney House, Free

Whether you prefer putting it in, rubbing it up, spitting it out, flicking them together, or squirting it out, everybody has their own special way to get off.

DEAR BABE | dirs. Ethan Folk and Ty Wardwell | Germany | 2018 | 3’30
A horny confessional with lashings of yogurt.

TOY STORIES | dir. Sandra Sordini | UK | 5’30
Treat your toys like you’d treat your lovers: Don’t just shove them in.

FLUID CHEMISTRY | dir. Deike Schwarz |  Germany | 2018 | 2’30
Forensically erotic exploration of orifices and areolas, and all minute nubs of the body that rise.

FOR SOMEBODY ELSE | dir. James Cooper | UK | 2018 | 4’
Blistering sensuality, a body in motion, difficult choices and an almost indecent proposal.

LEMON TASTE | dir. Nicky Miller |  Germany | 2018 | 9’
Tasting notes of butt, saliva, citrus, jizz, with a moreish mineral finish.

COMING OUT OF SPACE | dir. Francy Fabritz | Germany | 2018 | 15’
Two women, fresh to the earth, tantalise their minds and their bodies.

PORN WARRIORS | Nicky Miller | Germany | 2018 | 6’30
Dulce et decorum est pro populus sexus.

FEIERABEND | dir. KAy Garnellen | Germany, France | 2018 4’
It’s past last orders for Emy Fem, and before clock-off, it’s get off. Bottoms up!

WHEEL OF FORTUNE | dir. Bambi K. | USA | 8’
Chained to desire, female freedom only comes through release. Release! RELEASE!

THE DILEMMA | dir. Antonio Zucherino | Argentina | 2017 | 13’
The impersonality of a horny encounter turns out to have more meaning than they thought.

SHIFT | dir. Lea Rogliano | Belgium | 2018 | 6’30
Eyes on the road, hand on the stick, mind in the backseat.

GIRL UNDER YOU | dirs. Sian Williams, Victoria Matthews, Charlotte Dowell, Alya Soliman | UK | 2018 | 4’
Sensual female connections, in the nebula of desire and connection.

davy & GOLIATH | dirs. Charles Lum, Todd Verow | USA | 2018 | 7’
Horny and hearteningly sweet encounter between a youngun and an experienced Daddy from festival favourites, Club Lum.

BREAKFAST IN BED | dirs. Ethan Folk and Ty Wardwell | Germany | 2018 | 2’15
Fresh, naturally churned, organiXXX butter.

This event is supported by Hackney Council through its Hackney Pride 365 initiative

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