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Shorts: Dance, Dance, Revolution!

Sat Nov 13, 15:30 to 17:00

Film, Rose Lipman Building, £5 / £0 con

Every moment spent on these real, cosmic, and imagined stages becomes a joyous, powerful and revolutionary way to express queer lives, our loves, our community, and our right to thrive. 

ALL THE COLOURS | dirs. Pippa Samaya and Tara Jade Samaya | Australia, Germany 2020 | 3'
Relationship goals done to perfection through movement in a non-dialogue mood board of simple moments. A rare glimpse of lockdown loveliness from The Samaya Wives.

QUEER FAGGY DANCE FUN | dir. Harry Price | UK 2021 | 4’
This documentary short is a celebration of queer collective joy. After being separated by the pandemic a group of dance artists come together to reconnect, go full out and feel what it's like to really dance outside of their bedrooms again. Curated by fraserfab, O.K Norris and Pierre who also wrote and perform powerful spoken word. Music by illyr. Light installation by Joshua Harriette. 

A LOVE LETTER TO THE BASEMENT | dir. Sweatmother | UK 2021 | 6'
A delicious flavour of queer London nightlife through the lens of someone who had their life changed by the (now gone) underground DIY bar, cultural space and performance collective in South East London.

ABOUT QUEENS AND THE OTHER COLOURS (De Reinas y Otros Colores) | dir. Juan H. Zuluaga | Guatemala 2020 |17’
Five young men gather in an abandoned house to share their insights and dreams of being gay and a drag queen in a conservative country like Guatemala with heart, fire, and a flair for working with cable ties. 

BELLYDANCE VOGUE | dir. Hadi Moussally | Lebanon 2020 | 5'
A beautifully retro VHS tribute to what it means to grow up and truly celebrate yourself, tapping into the freedom and joy of embodiment as a child, and challenging what we need in relationships with family.

MASIS WOUJ | dir. Zé Kielwagen, Marcos Serafim, Steevens Simeon | Haiti 2021 | 22'
Artist and activist Sanba Yonel creates a queer tribute to the Vodou gods and goddesses who once inspired a revolution in Haiti, where men perceived as feminine are known as masisi. 

FLUIDITY | dir. Clyde Petersen | USA 2019 | 2’
SassyBlack sings it true with this deep groove in adulation of fluid beings. 

THE UNINHABITABLE ONES (Inabitáveis) | dir. Anderson Bardot | Brazil 2020 | 25'
This sensual dance film integrates depiction of gay passion, trans acceptance, legacy of slavery, and the urgency for an end to shame in Brazil through a masterful work of poetic wildness, transgressive queers, of impressionist colours, of bodies that celebrate their black and latinx existences.

TOM ASPAUL - BLACK COUNTRY DISCO: THE MOVIE | dir. Sam Taylor-Edwards | UK 2020 | 9’
A pop extravaganza visual love letter to the West Midlands, regional dancefloors, and finding love again.


CW: discussion of homophobia and transphobia


Programme supported by Film Hub London, managed by Film London. Proud to be a partner of the BFI Film Audience Network, funded by the National Lottery.



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