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Shorts: 2,4,6,8 How Do You Know Your Kids Are Straight?

Sat Nov 17, 19:00

Film,Q+A, Hackney House, Free

Short films chosen by LGBTQI+ youth group Project Indigo.  Come and join us with these brilliant young people to see what queer youth today is all about.

I AM! WE ARE  HERE! | dir Seyi Adebanjo | USA | 7min
A community made DIY documentary of the trans*, queer, gender non-conforming and two-spirit residents of the Bronx.  I am! We are Here! invites the viewer to consider an alternative narrative to queer experience and platforms the bravery of everyday people living their lives and truths in the midst of political conservatism. 

PUSH PINK | dir Kai Tillman | USA | 9min
A Trans Person’s conflict using the public restroom leads him on a journey to answer some unresolved questions.

THE LADY THAT DANCES | dir Joppe Rog | UK | 4min
An honest and vulnerable portrait of dancer Sophie Rebecca as she elegantly moves to the poetry of Joppe Rog’s in this affirming short film.

BYOND THE MARGINS: BEN | dir Craig Heathcote | UK | 2018 | 5min
Sparse and minimal in execution Ben examin’s and explains the depths of thier non binary identity.

A FILM ABOUT LOVE | dir Dale John Allen | UK | 2018 | 10min
A story of friendship, adventure, love and loss through a lived experience of bi-polar.

RYAN CASSATA: DAUGHTER | dir Maxine Bowen | USA | 3min
A catchy number from Ryan Cassata as he sings his way through the experience of transition from F-M and his changing relationship with his dad.

VOGUE BEIRUT | dir Helene Dancer | UK | 8min
Vogueing has reached the Lebanon where dancer Hoedy Saad is determined to use this queer expression of residence to provide a safe space for his community.

CRASHING WAVES | Dir: Emma Gilbertson | 4min
Attraction, desire, shame and fear are all portrayed through this beautiful choreographed dance piece.

ASEXUAL STORY | dir Meghan Delaney | USA | 3min
How do you negotiate the dating scene as an a sexual person. This sweet animation takes us through the pitfalls and challenges but comes up trump.

FLUIDITY | dir Bella Chardiet | USA | 13min
What is queer now? This simple documentary features young people speaking about their experiences of identity, sexuality and gender in America today.

About Project Indigo

Project Indigo is a youth group for young people in Hackney who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer or intersex or who are questioning their sexual or gender identity, and aged between 13-25. It is a supportive space where young LGBTQI+ people can make friends, have fun and be creative. We do a wide range of different things, often based on what the members of the group want – for example we have gone to trans pride in Brighton, been involved in a mindfulness workshop and a zine making art session, and been given a Queer Tour of Hackney, as well as getting to watch loads of queer short films with Fringe.

We meet every Thursday, at the Off Centre in Hackney, from 5.30-7.30. Project indigo is supported by Susy, a youth worker, and Maya, a therapist. The group is free and confidential, wheelchair accessible and we work hard to make our sessions accessible for disabled members. We have accessible gender-neutral toilets and changing space if people want to change clothes for group. If you would like to join the group, you’re welcome just to come along, or you can get in contact with Susy or Maya and meet us first by emailing

This event is supported by Hackney Council through its Hackney Pride 365 initiative


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