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Sexy Shorts: Certified Freak, Seven Days a Week!

Sat Nov 13, 21:15

Film, Rose Lipman Building, £5 / £Free con

Get where you belong at Fringe!’s feet, cinema slaves! Fiddle my ficus! Fuck my fisherman! Pop my corn, why don’t ya? Lube up and turn out the lights and join Fringe! for some salacious sexy shorts that’ll charm you, challenge you, chastise you, cuddle you and maybe even climax you! 

FISHERMAN | dir. Nicky Miller | Germany 2021 | 10’
A fisherman catches more than just fish in this sensuous short.

HELLO SIR | dir. Jet Moon | UK 2021 | 7’
A genderqueer dyke dominatrix orders us all to become gay, sissies and crossdressers. What’s not to like?

BODIES OF DESIRE | dirs. Varsha Panikar, Saad Nawab | India 2020 | 4’
Intimate and gorgeous cinematography accompanies a beautiful poetic meditation on Indian sexuality.

POP’S CORN | dirs. Ethan Folk, Ty Wardwell | Germany 2020 | 4’
Pop! Pop! Daddy serves up a spit roast like no other.

QUEERANTINE FANTASY | dir. Mahx Capacity | USA 2021 | 9’
Enter another dimension of diverse bodies in this fantastical sexy animation.

WET STREAMING III: FUCK MY FICUS | dirs. Aaron Scherer, Eva Sommer and Daniela Zahlner | Austria 2021 | 5’
The rainforest and Victoria Falls are the porn stars in this humorous and hot feminist critique of eco-sexuality.

TESTING MY POSE | dir. Silvia Maggi | Germany 2021 | 2’
Two doms wrestle for the top spot in this Super-8 showdown.

DIC PIC PICNIC | dirs. Ethan Folk, Ty Wardwell | Germany 2020 | 2’
Food and nude fun in the woods as queers surprise their absent friend with some cheeky pics.

THE MULTIVERSE IN A MOUTHFUCK | dir. Jorge The Obscene | Chile 2019 | 21’
A spiritual blowjob in a dark room leads to humour, sex and tenderness.

SOVEREIGN SEX | prod. Daemon Derriere, Dom Razberry | US 2021 | 14’
A non-binary person experiences some sexual healing in this intimate and touching docu-porn.

HOLE THEORY | dir. Mahx Capacity | USA 2021 | 12’
Hole experts explore fingering, fisting and philosophy in this poetic meditation on holes.


The films all have closed captions (CC),
and there is BSL Interpretation for the intro/Q&A


CW: Explicit sexual content, nudity, flashing lights and discussion of rape.


QUEERANTINE FANTASY and HOLE THEORY are presented courtesy of AORTA films. Get full access to AORTA's library of 60+ films, with access to with a new film premiering each month Membership starts at $9USD/ month . Check it out at
















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