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Shorts: A Brave New (L) World

Sat Nov 14, 17:15

Film, Virtual Hub (Saturday Day Pass), £7.5 / £1 con

This event will be streamed live in the Fringe! virtual hub from the advertised time and will not be available once the live stream has ended.

How does lesbian life feel in 2020? From micro-aggressions and dyke drama, to the connections that make it all so worth it, merge and chill with these sweet and salty short films, blessed with a message from an elder.

NAOMI REPLANSKY AT 100 | dir. Megan Rossman | USA 2020 | 7'
The great American poet blesses us with a century of wisdom, and watching the world change drastically, from a sapphic perspective.

SWIPING 4 UR LURVE | dirs. Tessa Baraclough, Anna Lincoln | UK 2020 | 2'
Lesbian representation at Eurovision! Your new favourite entry.

TENDER | dir. Felicia Pride | USA 2019 | 15'
A short romance showing the value of unexpected intimacies... Opposites attract sometimes.

SUPER ZEE | dir. Nathalie Younglai | USA 2019 | 7'
Super Zee is going to save the world. But first she'll kick the white male colleague's ass and get the hot woman of colour.

QUEERER THAN THOU | dir. Kate Jessop | UK 2019 | 2'
In an animation masterclass, a couple tries to clarify who is the queerest.

ÌFÉ | dir. Uyaiedu Ipke-Etim | Nigeria 2020 | 38'
Ìfé means 'love' in Yoruba. Adoara and Ìfé bond and explore the potential of their connection under societal pressures in a 3 day date. We are thrilled to show this charming, bold and brilliant work.

CW: discussions of homophobic violence, brief nudity

In partnership with DIVA Magazine

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