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Shorts: A Brave New (L) World

Sat Nov 14, 17:00

Film, Online, £7.5 / £1 con

How does lesbian life feel in 2020? From micro-aggressions and dyke drama, to the connections that make it all so worth it, merge and chill with these sweet and salty short films, blessed with a message from an elder.

NAOMI REPLANSKY AT 100 | dir. Megan Rossman | USA 2020 | 7'
The great American poet blesses us with a century of wisdom, and watching the world change drastically, from a sapphic perspective.

SWIPING 4 UR LURVE | dirs. Tessa Baraclough, Anna Lincoln | UK 2020 | 2'
Lesbian representation at Eurovision! Your new favourite entry.

TENDER | dir. Felicia Pride | USA 2019 | 15'
A short romance showing the value of unexpected intimacies... Opposites attract sometimes.

SUPER ZEE | dir. Nathalie Younglai | USA 2019 | 7'
Super Zee is going to save the world. But first she'll kick the white male colleague's ass and get the hot woman of colour.

QUEERER THAN THOU | dir. Kate Jessop | UK 2019 | 2'
In an animation masterclass, a couple tries to clarify who is the queerest.

ÌFÉ | dir. Uyaiedu Ipke-Etim | Nigeria 2020 | 38'
Ìfé means 'love' in Yoruba. Adoara and Ìfé bond and explore the potential of their connection under societal pressures in a 3 day date. We are thrilled to show this charming, bold and brilliant work.

CW: discussions of homophobic violence, brief nudity

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