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SHORTS: (Deep) Into You

Sat Nov 16, 19:00

Film, Rose Lipman Building, Free

We know you have been waiting the whole year for this holy and sen(se)xual celebration of tantalising and erotic stories in short form. We deliver you a tasty platter of BDSM, daddy power and wet encounters.

WELCOME TO ATHENS | dir. Menelas | Greece | 2018 | 7min
You're invited to discover a different side to the Greek capital in this tourism ad the Athens Tourist Board didn't want you to see.

BRUNCH ON BIKES | dir. Ethan Folk & Ty Wardell | Germany | 2019 | 2min
A very special food delivery to satisfy your post-sex hunger.

INTRUDERS | dir. Travis Mathews | Brazil | 2019 | 20min
Festival fave Travis Mathews returns with a fun and intimate vignette that intersects class, privilege and sweaty fun.

DRIVEN | dir. Toni Karat | Germany | 2018 | 13min
BDSM? Check. Leather? Check. Two butches get in on some juicy action.

REAL | dir. Josephine Baltzersen | Austria | 2019 | 22sec
Finger rainbow quickies to the front!

CHACON/TRUNK | dirs. Ben Chapman & Adrian Jordan Chacon | Spain | 2019 | 2min
What's hiding in these swimming trunks?

STARVING BOYS | dir. Raphael Massicotte | Canada | 2018 | 7min
A daddy, a twink, a bear and a hunk go cruising in the Canadian suburbs in this cheeky take on sexy 'romantic' comedy.

BECAUSE YOU ARE MINE (À L’ORÉE) | dir. Jean-Baptiste Huong | France | 2018 | 12min
Hirsute alert! As lovelorn Samuel wanders through a German forest he bumps into a sleuth of raunchy bears. This one's for the pogonophiles.

EXTRACT FROM THIRD SHUTTER | dir. Goodyn Green | Germany | 2019 | 7min
Feast on this delicious slice from the final instalment of Berlin-based pornographer Goodyn Green's Shutter trilogy.

FISTING CLUB | dir. Shu Lea Cheang | Germany | 2019 | 11min
The first rule about Fisting Club is:  you don't talk about fisting club. Jizz Lee will take you deeeep into this secret society.

SUCKMEOFF, PRINCESS! | dir. Tristan Scott-Behrends  | USA | 2019 |  2min
Join the filmmaker in his misadventures on the search for love that only has him find disappointment and blowjobs.

RITUAL WAVES | dir. Lina Bembe | Germany 2019 | 5min
Lina Bembe welcomes you into a calming cocoon of self-pleasure.

LOCK HORNS | dir. Dann Parry | UK | 2019 | 3min
Two wrestlers fighting for domination that ends up in a different sort of tussle.

DEEP CLEAN | dir. David Wilson | UK 2019 | 4min
Cleanliness is next to godliness in this paean to hoover love.

All films in this programme have English subtitles.

CN: sexual content

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