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School of Film: Working Class Creatives Database

Sat Nov 14, 15:30

Talk, Online, Free

The Working Class Creatives Database (WCC) is a platform that exists to share and highlight the work of working class creatives. The aim of this database is to facilitate a space that puts working class creatives at the forefront; a space for conversation, connections and sharing of opportunities, skills and knowledge.

Only 12.4% of the workforce in creative industries are from working class backgrounds.

Art is a reflection of our time and if working class people are not given opportunities, stories are not represented. COVID19, the recent recession, and the tory government have put many of us out of work, and the freelance industry is also on its knees. This makes it disproportionately hard for WCC. It is time to call for action!

In light of this, Fringe! will be hosting an online interactive conference, working with Queer Creatives who are a part of Working Class Creatives Database, and additional (working class) visiting Queer Artists and Creatives. This event has been conceptualised to facilitate a need to prioritise our Working Class LGBTQIA+ community and gain access to insight and inspiration in the Creative Industries and beyond.

We feel here at Fringe! it is important that we are able to shape an experience that is relatable and provides tools for life and survival as an artist or creative. The event will be prioritising Working Class folk, but allies are more than welcome.


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Instagram: @workingclasscreativesdatabase

Article about WCC:  


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