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Sat Nov 13, 09:00 to 23:45

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Throughout the festival we have a range of online events available across the web for you to cosy up queer at home! 


Nora Highland + Q&A with director Ryan Spahn << Click here to read more about the event and book tickets!

Nora Highland | US 2020 | 60’

Annoyed with Eddie Redmayne snatching another queer role? Well Ryan Spahn’s inventive virtual adaption of a theatrical production of the same name explores and captures the rage that fuels the fraught debate of straight actors in queer roles. Is Ian McKellen the only gay actor ever? Watch and find out!

CW: Discussions of homophobia and transphobia.


LOVE HUB : THE LOVE HUB LIVE SATURDAY << Click here to read more about the event

Can’t make it to our hub venue? Never fear - you won’t miss out! We’re bringing you a host of live-stream events across the Love Hub weekend including sofa chats with some of our event hosts, multi-lingual conversations as part of our Queer Migrant Men in the City, and the launch of PrEPster’s brand new PrEP videos. Full event programme listings on The Love Hub website.


Fringe! shorts: QueerTube << Click here to read more about the films

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Queers have always been the first to like, comment and subscribe to internet culture, whether it be Cara Cunningham fortuitously telling us to leave Britney alone or Courtney Love reposting memes. Log onto QueerTube and continue that journey into fandom, asmr, vlogs, video game avatars and the occasional cheeky wank.      

Are You Still Watching? | dirs. Alex Cardy, Tali Polichtuk, Kitty Chrystal | Australia 2021 | 6’

Mountain Lodge | dir. Jordan Wong | USA 2020 | 8’

My Head Aches When I Look Too Long | dir. Callahan Bracken | Canada 2020 | 3’

everything is okay: an ASMR for inert bodies | dir. Autojektor | UK 2021 | 6’

Outsourcing (My Desires to Avatars) | dir. Jamie Janković | UK 2020 | 4’

I Fell Asleep Upside Down and Let the Blood Rush to My Head | dir. Ryan Luis Fuller | USA 2020 | 9’

A Real Girl | dir. Praewa Bulthaweenan | UK 2018 | 9’

Rilie Raskell | dir. Sam Roberts | US 2021 | 18’

Lilac Lips, Duchess County | dir. Tristan Scott-Behrends | US 2021 |4’

4:3 | dir. Amy Pennington | UK 2020 | 9’

Swallow Sperm | dir. KHLOARIS | US 2020 |  3’

CW: flashing images, un-simulated sexual contact, nudity, discussions of suicide and righteous murder.


Fringe! shorts: Utopiapocalypse << Click here to read more about the films

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The world is on fire and the feeling of impending doom lingers but there's a glimmer of hope in the guise of sumptuous queer utopias and chaotic anarchic dystopias.

Whether you are seeking eternity in a pink cloud or having a surreal fever-dream in an industrial estate, queertopias will lead you on a journey beyond this realm and into the joy and chaos of possibilities.

Uplands Utopia IOU | dir Louise Ashcroft | UK 2021 | 22'

Tracing Utopia | dirs Catarina de Sousa, Nick Tyson | Portugal, USA, 2021 | 26’

Fly Away With Me | dirs Maude Matton, Amina Mohamed, Nikki Shaffeeullah | Canada | 10’

Be Trans do Crime | dir Julia Konarska | UK 2021 | 5’

Commander 2019 | dir Aitan Ebrahimoff | UK 2019 | 5’

Last Romantics of the World | Henrique Arruda | Brazil 2020 | 23'


Fringe! shorts: 10 Things I Hate about Dykes << Click here to read more about the films

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Pull up a bar stool and lean over to this knowing and camp celebration of lesbian weakness and strength through rom-com tropes. From slow burning romance on a dirt road to soaked, sequined cowgirls in a dirty bar, this programme sees sapphic filmmakers chronicle the heart-wrenching joys of dyke desire. Yeehaw!

Just Married | dir. Kat McMillan | USA 2021 | 4’

Leap | dirs. Juan Baio, Eino Antonio | Argentina 2021 | 3’

Pussy Cruising | dirs. Masa Zia Lenardic, Anja Wutej | Germany 2021 | 8’

Nails | dir. Pippa McCormick | UK 2021 | 3’

Roadkill | dir. Aliza Bruder | USA 2021 | 16’

My Mother's Girlfriend | dir. Arun Fulara | India 2021 | 15’

Burning | dir. Paula Alves | Brazil 2020 | 20’

Florence | dir. Pauline Quinonero | Brazil 2019 | 5’

More Happiness | dir. Livia Huang | USA 2021 | 14’

Lonely Cowgirl | dir. Lydia Garnett | UK 2020 | 5’

CW: some nudity, discussions of homophobia, and un-simulated sex


Fringe! shorts: Hearts and Crafts << Click here to read more about the films

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From lubed-up plastic facial vulvas to tributes to loved ones, these experimental and handmade films exemplify the crafting that goes on in queer lives: of identities, of relationships, of family structures, of languages, images and film.

To the Farmhouse | dir. Sarah Hill | USA 2021 | 11’

COVID SUMMER | dir. Todd Verow | USA 2020 | 3’

Revealing the Essence in a Portrait | dir. Josephine Baltzersen | Denmark 2020 | 2’

Snack Time | dir. Jo Sordini | Germany 2020 | 6’

Psychic Meat | dir. Stephen Wardell | USA 2020 | 9’

Looking for Barbara | dir. Helen Kilbride | UK 2021 | 8’

Fish Bowl | dir. Julian Konuk | UK 2021 | 16’

An Approaching World | dir. Andy Motz | USA 2021 | 3’

Green Thoughts | dir. William Hong-xiao Wei | UK 2020 | 20’

Two Sons and a River of Blood | dir. Angelo Madsen Minax & Amber Bemak | USA 2021 | 10’

CW: flashing lights, nudity, unsimulated sex, discussion of trauma, transphobia, abuse, miscarriage, surgery/illness, death.


Queer Youth Art Collective << Click here to read more about the event

Free weekly workshops by queer artists for LGBTQIA+ people aged 18-26, both IRL and on zoom.

Queer Youth Art Collective is for LGBTQIA+ people 18-26. We offer free weekly workshops by QUEER artists with space for attendees to discuss their practice and socialise. 

Join us ONLINE on ZOOM  2-3:30pm!
Our online sessions take place on ZOOM.
Every term we give out a number of vouchers for CASS ART so that our members can access art supplies in order to continue their own practices.

ACCESS: For any specific access requirements including Closed Captions or BSL, please get in touch with as much notice as possible and we will do our best to meet your needs.

Join us IRL at The Outside Project community centre in Central London 12-4pm!

Partnering with The Outside Project (UKs first LGBTQIA+ shelter and community centre) we have moved into their community centre in central London.
Before the start of each workshop the space is meant to be used as an open access art space where participants can access 1 on 1 support on personal projects from our team, free art supplies and tools and of course snacks!

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