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Potentials of Queerness: short form work by Faraz Shariat

Thu Apr 15, 19:00 to 21:00

Film,Q+A, Online, £7 / £0 con

Exciting director Faraz Shariat's film Futur Drei / No Hard Feelings kicked off our 2020 festival with an unflinching, tender, and urgent bang.

Shariat's queer migrant perspective informs films that are radically distinct from other filmmakers of his generation, encompassing influences in his life, from the culture and values of his parents who are often centre-stage, to the environment of Berlin's queer nightlife, to a new generation of migrants and POC exceeding the cultural and creative achievements of the white-centric status quo that precedes it.

We will be exploring his short film work, and then joining the director for a talk.

Evvol- Physical L.U.V
I am your son 
The Dichotomous Trilogy
Flight Facilities- Arty Boy

In partnership with Compulsory.

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