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Notflix: a queer re-view of old shows from British TV history

Thu Feb 18, 20:00

Film, Online, Free

Presented in partnership with BFI

Unhook yourself from Netflix to join Fringe! on BFI Player during LGBTQIA+ History Month for this special archive viewing and panel discussion. We’re serving you documentaries from the pioneering days of queer programming in the 70s and 80s, amateur footage from early Prides, and a gorgeous short doc from 1995 setting up a fresh queer aesthetic. This programme + panel gives us the chance to think about the opportunities and limitations of queer storytelling, yesterday and today. 

Watch the free programme HERE on BFI Player (available only in the UK) at your leisure from February 4th.

Then join our special guests to discuss them at 8pm on February 18th, with; Topher Campbell (Afro-queer artist and filmmaker of The Homecoming: A Short Film About Ajamu from 1995), Roz Kaveney (queer trans novelist, well-reviewed poet and occasional activist), Simon McCallum (archive projects curator at the BFI), Femi Otitoju (who features in Gay Black Group from 1983) and our host Kai Fiáin (an artist and filmmaker).

Homosexual Equality | UK 1974 | 25’ (first half only)

The first time a group of gays and lesbians were invited to make their own programme on British TV, they made this documentary  — complete with boat trip and a raging speech. From the BFI National Archive. 

Pride in London | UK 1975 | 1  

Fleeting scenes captured at a Gay Pride event by a DIY filmmaker offer a bewitching glimpse at the politics and face paints of the 1970s. This film is from the collection of Vestry House Museum, a member of the London's Screen Archives Network.

What am I? | UK 1980 | 25  

One of the earliest documentaries depicting trans life in the UK, this film explores the touching stories of Steve and April. From the collection of the Media Archive for Central England. 

Oxford Housing | UK 1982 | 5  

Gay couples were able to register for social housing in Oxford from 1982, but not without opposition and a fierce debate, as this very short documentary shows. From the collection of the Media Archive for Central England. 

Gay Black Group | UK 1983 | 25  

Members of this support network talk to a reporter about how they make their ways through the complexities of cultural and sexual identity in Britain. From the collection of the Media Archive for Central England. 

Manchester Tickled Pink | UK 1993 | 3  

Blink and you’ll miss the DIY filmmaker himself, Paul Berry, with the bright red hair, among these gorgeous scenes from a queer festival on Canal St in Manchester. From the collection of the North West Film Archive.

The Homecoming: A Short Film About Ajamu  | UK 1995 | 17 

An intimate, sexy and often funny portrait of the photographer Ajamu as he prepares for an exhibition in his hometown of Huddersfield. Look out for the lost landmarks of Brixton. From the BFI National Archive.

These titles are part of BFI Player's Britain on Film resource: 10,000 films preserved by the BFI National Archive and partner archives around the UK, digitised with National Lottery funding and free to view in the UK.

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… P.S for an extended programme, you can also watch:

Lesbians (Gay life) | UK 1981 | 34’

Generations of lesbians told their stories to this deep, often analytical programme exploring a broad range of women’s ideas about their sexuality. From the BFI National Archive

Heaven (Gay life) | UK 1980| 25’

A journey through the different subcultures on London’s gay scene, from the dipping queens in Heaven to the leather men of Earls Court, with plenty of hilarious shade thrown along the way. From the BFI National Archive.




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