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Nora Highland + Q&A

Wed Nov 10, 09:00 to 23:59

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**This online screening will be available to watch from Wednesday to Sunday.** 


Queer actors are big! It’s the pictures that are small(minded)…

Annoyed with Eddie Redmayne snatching another queer role? Ready to take on Hollywood’s queer-phobic casting and set the world to rights! Well Ryan Spahn’s inventive virtual adaption of a theatrical production of the same name explores and captures the rage that fuels the fraught debate of straight actors in queer roles. Watch as famed playwright and rumoured lesbian, Nora Highland is being reappraised by Broadway and therefore a whole host of queer actor’s audition to nab a part. However, through a series of conversations we see that things are not so simple in the world of glitz and glamour. It begs the question, is Ian McKellen the only gay actor ever? Watch and find out! 

Nora Highland | dir. Ryan Spahn | US 2020 | 60’

CW: Discussions of homophobia and transphobia.

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