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Fri Nov 13, 18:45

Film, Castle Cinema, £14.5

Meet Morgana Muses. Once a casualty to an unhappy marriage and preparing for the last night of her life, this mid-fifties divorcée decided to save her life by igniting her desires and creating her sexual fantasies on film. It turns out that 40+ years of repressed desire can teach us all a thing or two about life.

Now Morgana is the queen of alternative queer porn, and enjoys a life of moving and powerful fantasy film-making with a loving queer community in Berlin. But the shame of the first 45 years of her life still lingers.

Morgana is both a reminder that we can be active creators of our own lives, and that we all deserve love, community, freedom from shame, and untethered sexual satisfaction. A blue-print for life and freedom.

dir. Josie Hess & Isabel Peppard | Australia 2019 | 71
with Morgana Muses

CW: mention of suicidal ideation, depiction of SM and sexual content

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