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Love Hub : The Root of our Roots

Sun Nov 14, 11:30 to 12:30

Talk,Workshop, Basement @ Glass House, Free

If you’re rocking funky dreads, Kilmonger locks, a Black Power Afro or your aunty’s wig this session is just for you! 


When barber shops and hairdressers closed during lockdown many of us grew out our hair and tried new styles. In this interactive workshop Phil Samba and Dale Taylor-Gentles - our very own locks legends and their guests - will weave their way through the history of Black hair, take an Afro and unpick Black hair as a political statement. Then they’ll grease your scalp with self-care tips that won't hurt as much as a hot comb!


This event will also be available live online via a private streaming link.


This event space is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible.

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