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Love + Blood

Sun Nov 15, 13:30

Film, Rio Cinema, £12.5 / £9.5 con

The art: extreme and difficult. The man: a queer freak full of anger and love. The film: a gripping portrait. This absorbing and loving documentary tells Franko B's full story for the first time: from squatting to the Tate.

Franko B has unsettled the public for decades, with art made from his trauma and shows in which he bleeds himself. LOVE + BLOOD captures these performances, and an artist's view of the world: a way of feeling and processing its violence.

Franko B proves that being queer is about living and working as you feel, outside of expectations and boundaries. He crosses the lines of art, and forces attention to the human condition, provoking us all to be more honest.

dir. Nathaniel Walters | UK 2020 | 79'

CW: blood and blood-letting, self-harm (as art), discussion of abuse

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