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Literature: Trans > Scribe > Me panel + performance + DJ S/He

Wed Nov 10, 19:00 to 23:30

Performance,Talk,Q+A, Colours Hoxton, £5 / £0 con

An intimate conversation with trailblazing writers, in partnership with Cipher Press.

In a society that tries to erase trans history and trans presence, tonight we embrace trans excellence in writing because now more trans writers are being published than ever before.

Our authors are part of this new wave of talent: 

  • Juliet Jacques (author of Variations and Trans: A Memoir)
  • Alison Rumfitt (author of Tell Me I’m Worthless)
  • Liam Konemann (author of The Appendix)
  • Jolliff Seville aka Trannieboi
  • with a performance from Kenya Sterling (author of 19 Years of Skin)

Join our writers and performers for an intimate conversation about their groundbreaking work and how their work will inspire future generations. How do these writers balance their right to visibility as trans people with the desire to break free of the categories that the cis-het publishing industry places them in?

Trans and non-binary people have always strived to share stories about themselves and otherness. Tonight we continue the tradition of our trans-cestors, filling our fictional and actual world with new possibilities. 

This event is supported by a grant from Arts Council England.


Juliet Jacques

Juliet Jacques is a writer and filmmaker based in London. She has published three books, including Trans: A Memoir (Verso, 2015) and the short story collection Variations (Influx, 2021). Her essays, criticism and journalism have appeared in many publications, from The London Review of Books to Tribune, and her short films have screened in galleries and festivals worldwide. She hosts Suite (212) on Resonance 104.4fm - a radio programme that looks at the arts in their social, cultural, political and historical contexts. She teaches at the Royal College of Art, City Lit and elsewhere. 

Twitter: @zinovievletter


Alison Rumfitt

Alison Rumfitt spawns in marshland from September-October every year. Her debut novel, Tell Me I'm Worthless, was published by Cipher Press in October 2021.

Twitter: @hangsawoman


Liam Konemann (he/him)

Liam Konemann is a queer Australian writer based in London. His music and culture journalism has appeared in Dazed and NME among others, and his pocket book The Appendix: Transmasculine Joy in a Transphobic Culture was published as a 404 Ink Inkling in August 2021. He also writes fiction with a focus on queerness and masculinity, and is currently on the Mst Creative Writing programme at the University of Oxford. His debut novel, The Arena of the Unwell, will be published by 404 Ink in 2022. 

Twitter: @LiamKonemann


Jolliff Seville aka Trannieboi (he/him)

A black trans man from rural Somerset and an esoteric poet, Jolliff’s work straddles the devotional, the confessional and the occult. Set to release his first chapbook in January 2022, his writing explores the psychotic and the spiritual, the reality and unreality of gender and his magical practise. 

Spotify: Trannieboi


Kenya Sterling (he/they)

Kenya Sterling is a proudly queer and working class creative hailing from Manchester and currently based in London. His multidisciplinary work spans various forms of performance, writing, and visual art, as well as being a published poet, podcaster, and creative queer consultant. Kenya is currently studying in their third year at Rose Bruford and has trained with the Royal Exchange young company in Manchester as well as ALT actors. Recent credits include a featured lead in Joseph Wilson’s Isn’t it a wonderful world, the upcoming short They Suck (Lison Mombellet) and the lead in TUC’s Trans Awareness film. Other select credits include roles in I AM (Ovalhouse), Rhubarb (Graeae, The Bush Theatre), Burn Baby Burn (Fuel Theatre), Doctors (BBC), and Holby City (BBC).


DJ S/HE (Tomboys Don't Cry) (he/they)

S/HE is a non binary trans* DJ based in London. He artistically grew up in Milan where he was formerly part of the Pornflakes Queer Crew and he is currently part and co-founder of the Tomboys Don't Cry collective. His gothic background and his research on electronic music mould deep outlines for an hard-beat cosmic dance with a post-gender touch. He also writes trans poetry and he just participated with his collective to the Art exhibition Quadriennale in Rome with one of his poems.

Soundcloud: S/HE

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