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Fringe! From Home:
Lactasia + A Spell for Queer Home

Lactasia | dir Val Phoenix | UK 2023 | 46’

In this UK Premiere, Mortician Jenn finds herself embroiled in a freaky flesh-eating zombie apocalypse brought forth by an evil cosmetic concoction. She’s gotta call on all the sapphic science brains to stop the carnage of drag queens and innocent goths quick! Literally years in the making, this hilarious camp horror of good gays versus ghouls from iconic London DIY filmmaker Val Phoenix will have you squealing in ya pants!


A Spell for Queer Home | dir. Amanda Madden | USA 2023 | 40’

Director Amanda Madden offers this spacious and beautifully made film as “a spell to conjure a sense of queer home for myself, my community and the collective – to know that we are enough, that we were never meant to do this alone, that queer home is possible, radical, and happening.”

Madden and their queer kin evoke magic through poetry, music and movement to celebrate and honour home, ecologies, art and love.

A huge family kiss for our festival friends at The Ugly Duck who have made this online programme possible.

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Available VOD on our website from Sat 16 Sept to Sun 24 Sept.


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Available VOD on our website from Sat 16 Sept to Sun 24 Sept.


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Film Programme supported by Film Hub London, managed by Film London. Proud to be a partner of the BFI Film Audience Network, funded by the National Lottery.


And generously supported by Space Arts.

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