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Sun Jul 14, 14:15

Film,Workshop,Q+A, Rio Cinema, £12.5 / £10.5 con

Because Jodie Foster is a queer icon that we were cruising long before she came out, and this afternoon of adoration is okay to go!

14:15 queer screen icons zine making in the foyer
14:45 Jodie: An Icon
15:15 break (30min) with finishing zine making and discussion in the foyer
15:45 Contact

Dir. Pratibha Parmar | UK, 1996 | 24min | courtesy of Cinenova

Jodie is a fast paced, breezy look at the transatlantic phenomenon that has made Hollywood actress Jodie Foster an icon for lesbians who identify with, adore and celebrate the screen personas of her remarkable career. Fans and queer cultural critics share their favorite ‘iconic’ moments giving illuminating lesbian readings of Foster’s key films which trace the charismatic actor’s progression from early tomboy parts as a child star to mature performances depicting active, strong willed women with attitude. Die hard Foster fans like comedienne Lea deLaria’s comment that “If I was Hannibal Lecter, it wouldn’t be her liver I’d want to eat,” express the desire and lust shared by Foster’s lesbian fans around the world. The film captures the Jodie Foster look alike contest in San Francisco and a visually slick montage of views on Foster’s butch femme indeterminacy all help to confirm Foster’s status as a dyke icon.

Dir Robert Zemeckis | USA, 1997 | 149min

Jodie stars as Dr Ellie Arroway, a scientist who has dedicated her life to SETI and finding intelligent life in the depths of the Milky Way (inspired by real life scientist Dr Jill Tarter). Noone who has the money to keep SETI going shares Dr Arroway’s obsession with finding aliens and after a few setbacks, and just as the last funding is about to dry up, it happens: the Very Large Array in New Mexico, where Ellie (peak lez Foster) hangs out on the bonnet of her car listening to the static on her headphones, picks up an alien signal that sounds just like a dishwasher. And after several setbacks (men doubting Jodie, man taking over Jodie’s place to go into space) and a tryst with Christian philosopher Palmer Joss (a soft butch, spiritual Matthew McConaughey) Jodie finally heads down the wormhole to meet the extraterrestrials. 

This screening is part of FILM FEELS: OBSESSION
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