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Shorts: The Edge Lands

Sun Nov 18, 17:00

Film,Q+A, Hackney House, Free

The borders of reality aren’t always where you think they are, when you play on the edge anything can happen.

LET’S BE FRIENDS | dir. Ryan Glista | USA | 9’
Be careful who you pick on, you never know what that lonely kid with a stuffed toy may have up his sleeve.

MONSTA GRAS |dir. Kelli Jean Drinkwater | Aus | 6’30
Sydney’s queer monsters embrace outsider culture and create an alternative political playground through performance art and party.  

BATHROOM TROLL | dir. Aaron Immediato | USA | 16’42
The tables are turned on the bullies when a vengeance troll from hell is released on them.

COME AS YOU PLEASE | dir. Shirmaine Ong | UK | 6’26
On the night of his wedding anniversary, Owen finds himself face to face with an armed robber. It might be just what he’s looking for.

BACCHUS | dir. Rikke Alma Krogshave Planeta | Denmark| 5’8
Alex escapes the mundane and follows her fantasy into a world of sexy, vibrant colour.

MIND FUCK | dir. Pierre Scot | France | 6’30
Confronting your deepest fears can bring the sweetest pleasure. An arachnophobe’s  worst nightmare, or is it?

THE BROTHER | dir. Kai Fiáin | UK | 4’
The morning after the night before, Frances accidentally finds herself caught up in a surreal, queer universe.

THE MOTH | dir. Sam Icklow | USA | 16’
A lonely insomniac wanders the dark Berlin streets in winter, followed by unsettling dreams and ghostly figures.

HEART OF HUNGER | dir. Bernardo Zanotta | Netherlands | 29’
Two friends sing, laugh, cry and travel by boat; exploring death, immortality, fragility and intimacy through games of lust and sadism.

This event is supported by Hackney Council through its Hackney Pride 365 initiative


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