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Shorts: Portrait of the Artist as a Young Queerdo

Fri Nov 16, 21:00

Film,Q+A, Hackney House, Free

See the queer perspective expressed in varied creative forms and traditions such as painting, congregating, breaking in, recording, interrogating, being gross, and being honest, confronting... Queer rule-breakers and visionaries showcase ingenuity and creativity in this programme of short films made by and about artists.

She Is Juiced: Slice Two - Ope Lori | dir. Lois Norman | UK | 13’37
Lois Norman explores Ope Lori’s work, which re-frames racial and Lesbian stereotypes and explores desire, the body and pleasure.

Unicorns of Westfield | dir. Louise Ashcroft  | UK | 5’36
Local artist Louise Ashcroft explores Westfield, Stratford and capitalism in her assumed residency.

His Physique | dir. Katherine Christie Evans | UK | 4’25
Local musician Katherine Christie Evans applies a playful non binary gaze to cultural iconography, queering the male figure in this DIY music video.

Diva | dir. Adam Csoka Keller | UK | 6’20
Cries of “Diva” ring out in the drag bar and the opera house in this surreal queer fantasia on classical music.

My Fuzzy Valentine | dir. Ben Edelberg | Canada | 5’
Put the Playboy centrefold in the hands of a Dyke and she will make her into a monster. Artist Allyson Mitchell narrates her experimental process in relation to queer femininity and the body.

Queere Tiere | dir. Ana Angel | Germany | 3’41
Rapper Sookee explores queerness and biodiversity in nature in this animated ear-worm.

She Is Juiced: Slice Four - Sarah Jane Moon | dir. Lois Norman | UK | 15’53
Lois Norman explores the queer portraiture of local artist Sarah Jane Moon, whose work records our local lesbian scene.

This event is supported by Hackney Council through its Hackney Pride 365 initiative

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