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The Whisper of the Jaguar

Wed Nov 14, 19:00

Film, Castle Cinema, £10 / £8 con

UK Premiere
dir Thais Guisasola & Simon(e) Jaikiriuma Paetau | Germany, Brazil, Colombia | 79mins

Ana’s sister, a Brazilian queer activist has been murdered. To honor her sister Anna goes on a pilgrimage across the Amazon carrying her sister’s ashes, on a quest that will become spiritually and sexually liberating for her. Her journey is filled with encounters and challenges that will lead to experimentations with hallucinogens and medicinal plants. During altered states of consciousness, her sister comes to her and assists her journey through the spirit land. A lesbian orgy culminates while medicinal plants of the forest open the door for the underworld. With the soundtrack provided by Aérea Negrot and Peaches this Queer Punk road movie deals with issues of youth, hybridity, postcolonial subjects, kuir sexualities, environmental destruction, jaguars, and loss.

Supported by Goethe Institut.

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