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If it Were Love

Thu Nov 12, 20:45

Film, Barbican Cinema, £12 / £11 con

When creating art one must give a little of themselves in order to achieve authenticity, but in the making of choreographer Gisèle Vienne’s ‘Crowd’ fifteen dancers give more then their bodies. Through rehearsals they explore, move and tap deep into their memories, giving more than their sweaty toned flesh to the dance. As a company bringing life to this sexually charged exploration of the 90’s rave culture.

But outside the walls of the studios this blurring of reality and ficiton goes a step further. In staged conversations the dancers reveal their crushes and desires, building a web of complex emotions that add new dimensions to the dance. We watch on mesmerised by how their bodies slowly move, passions simmering between each repetitive movement, the cinema becoming itself the rave.

Patric Chiha’s award winning documentary is an enthralling neon-lit ride of performance and expressions of queer sexuality. We at Fringe! fell in love with this sensual film the moment it blasted into our hearts and minds, leaving us emotionally raw and longing to dance.

dir. Patric Chiha | France 2020 | 82' | English, French, Swedish with English subtitles

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