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How Queer is Therapy? heteronormativity, history, and mental health today

Fri Nov 13, 18:00

Workshop, Virtual Hub (Friday Day Pass), £5 / £1 con

This event will be streamed live in the Fringe! virtual hub from the advertised time and will not be available once the live stream has ended.

in partnership with The Love Tank

delivering direct health promotion services including outreach, web based interventions, one to one support, + peer support.

In partnership with Stillpoint Spaces London

This talk will consist of three panelists discussing How Queer is Therapy? The panel will include an expert talking about the origins or queer roots of psychotherapy and the fact, surprising to many people, that Freud’s original theories could be described as “queer"; another panelist will speak from the contemporary clinical perspective about working within the queer community, and the third panellist will be speaking about alternative non-clinician-led queer initiatives that can also deliver therapeutic benefits.


Dr Aaron Balick
Aaron is a psychotherapist, supervisor, university lecturer, and author. Aaron’s original doctoral research was on the development of sexual and gender identity from the relational psychoanalytic perspective. He current area of research is in the psychology of technology and social media and he is the author of The Psychodynamics of Social Networking.

Harriet Mossop
Harriet Mossop is completing an MSc in the Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health at King’s College, London, researching LGBTQIA+ mental health and the iatrogenic effects of psychotherapy. She runs the Other Women reading group at Stillpoint Spaces, exploring psychoanalytic and psychodynamic literature from a queer female and non-binary perspective. She also works part time for the accounting and auditing regulator in the City of London, focusing on financial reporting for climate change and the climate transition.

Kemoy Jemmott
Pronouns: She/Her/Kemoy 
Kemoy is a Psychodynamic Counsellor currently practicing in Berlin, Germany. She is a black, queer, feminist and sex-positive counsellor with experience in substance abuse and trauma work. Throughout her academic career she often found herself in spaces that were filled with cis, white people and heteronormative ideals. Noticing this disparity had a great impact on her work; It has become an important part of her work to queer and diversify the field of Mental Health in any way that she can. Earlier this year Kemoy started a Queer Black Therapy Fund, a fundraiser to provide long term Therapy to 10 Black Queer people (age 18+) living in Germany.

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