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Shorts: Unleashed Reverie: Fluidity in Motion

23 September 2023
Rich Mix (Studio)
35-47 Bethnal Grn Rd, London E1 6LA, UK
FREE, £4.00, £6.50, £10.00

Step into a dream-like space where experimental shorts weave fluid images together and dissolve traditional narratives. Blending queerness, sentiment, imagination, and reflection, these films explore the density of our identity and emotions through the power of bodies and graphics in motion.

Curated by Jialin Hong

After Bed | dir. TT Takemoto | United States 2023 | 3’00
Pulsing flashbacks from the summer of love reawaken a queer California classic.

(Fluid) Mosquito | dir. carleen maur | United States 2023 | 7′00
A body losing another body through a winding pathway of forests. Two cyclists chance one another.

The Backside of God | dir. Hogan Seidel | United States 2020 | 24’13
A experimental documentary delving into the life and death of the filmmaker's Christian uncle, Doug Seidel.

The Microcosm | dir. Joe Ingham | United States 2022 | 14′00
The Gateways club in 1966 London offers a safe haven for queer women to dance, express themselves and love who they want. Or does it?

shifting bodies to fluid fiction | dir. Daniela Gutmann | Austria 2023 | 3’30
Bodies are cut up cinematically and divided into more or less erotic body parts.

From the Ground With Love | dir. Julian Konuk | United Kingdom 2023 | 22’40
An episodic nonlinear short that focuses on building a trans-poetic approach to both written, auditorial, and visual language.

Aiming at the Apocalypse | dir. Shireen McCormack, Saati J Conran-McCormack  | United Kingdom 2023 | 14’44
An experimental short explores religious futurism in a triptych of before, during and after leaving religion.

Nekama | dir. Piotr Bockowski, Cristine Brache, Neo Fung | China 2015 | 16’00
In the virtual world of 'Nekama,' self-replicating twin sisters embody an infectious model of trans-individual identity, requiring participants to assume their faces and become many.

Programme runtime 1h45min

CW: sexualised nudity, trans/homophobia, discussion of parental death, family rejection.


This is a relaxed screening, which means it’s ok to arrive late, move around, make noise, or leave the screening and come back if you need to.

If you have any questions about accessibility or you need support to access the event, you can email us at There will be volunteers trained in access at all Fringe! events if you need support with access on the day.

Kindly sponsored by WEINO B!B <3

Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

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