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Performance: emilyn claid, UNTITLED

23 September 2023
The Place
17 Duke's Rd, London WC1H 9PY, UK

Emilyn, a queer performer in her eighth decade, welcomes the fears of endings, teasing with what it means to bow out, the irony of living in an old body and what’s real and what’s imagined. She transforms between hunter and creature, therapist and diva, cruising and crumbling, facing queering and ageing with dark humour, undercut with moments of pathos.

emilyn claid, UNTITLED is a co-presentation with The Place. Commissioned by The Place with support from Siobhan Davies Dance.

Contains strong language and adult themes.

Conceived and performed by Emilyn Claid

Choreographer: Emilyn Claid in collaboration with Joseph Mercer, Heidi Rustgaard and Florence Peake
Designer: Shanti Freed
Lighting Designer: Rachel Shipp
Music: Planningtorock and Jimmy Webb
Headdress: Shanti Freed and Antonio Psaila
Dramaturgy: Martin Hargreaves
Producer: Sarah Trist
Production Manager: Rachel Shipp
Marketing and social media consultant: Upright Fools
Photography: Henri T and Ros Chesher
Video Documentation: Ros Chesher

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