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Drag Bedtime Story

Fri Nov 13, 21:00

Performance, Virtual Hub (Friday Day Pass), £5 / £1 con

This event will be streamed live in the Fringe! virtual hub from the advertised time and will not be available once the live stream has ended.

Once you have had all the queer cinematic magic your little hearts can handle, let some of our favourite local drag artists send you off into the sweet land of slumber with some night time tales, sure to make your dreams that little more fabulous (or monstrous... depending on the drag babe)

Friday's sweet dreams courtesy of drag babe Baby Lame.

CW: Descriptions of explicit sex and incest. 

Access to this event is included in the Friday Night Pass which is available at a Pay What You Can, General Admission and Fringe! Donation price level.​

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