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Breakfast TV for those who wake up at 1pm

Sun Nov 15, 13:00

Art, Virtual Hub, £5 / £1 con

Not Part of Day Pass

Artists Louise Ashcroft and Fritha Jenkins reinvent 90s Breakfast TV for 2020, turning pandemic into pandemonium with the help of you, the audience, as their queer production team.

Expect ambiguous news, 5G-conspiracy phone-ins, a Zoom fashion show (business up top, party below), a kitchen weatherman who cooks indoor meaty-orology so you don’t need to venture out, hairobics class, grounded musicians singing funding forms, a traffic report that ritually reinvents your bed-to-chair commute, Mx Demotivator coaches the washing up, far-too-local correspondents, and other queerdo antics. 

Inspired by Louise and Fritha's love of watching YouTube reruns of 90s Channel 4, in particular The Big Breakfast, but also radical, queer, arty shows like OUT, The Divine David and Dyke TV. If your circadian's skew-whiff and you #wokeuplikethis - rise and shine, breakfast beauties, let's make toast and TV!


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