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POSE (Netflix) | LINK

If you're yet to see this legendary Fox drama, now is the time! The buryyrgays group just hosted a binge-a-long, but you can catch up at home anytime.

Seen Queen, week 2: when the scene is only virtual space

Seen Queen, week II: when the scene is so close you can almost taste it


Sergina's event on facebook
The sensational #Sergina pops up on Facebook.

Corona! Or: how I can finally complete my reading list

Corona! Or: how I can finally complete my reading list
By Lori Lo Bianco 

Like everyone else, I always make new year’s resolution and then later never accomplish it. The big one for 2020  was to read at least a book a month carefully chosen between queer/lgbtiq+/womxn writers, so basically the only rule was: “Don’t buy another straight/cis/man’s book”. 


Queer Round up: what to do when the ‘scene’ is made up of what we’ve seen… online.

Jodie Foster in Contact (1997) / a lez bored on the internet


When? 4pm TODAY GURL!

What? Ann Arbor Film Festival are streaming their films live for the next 5 days. Don’t miss this at 4pm: Glow Job. From the…

Wanna lick some lit while in queerantine? Fringe! writers assemble

Wanna lick some lit while in queerantine? Fringe! writers assemble

by Adam Zmith 


Sometimes all the lights go out, writes Bonnie Hancell. Like many poets, she shares…

A Natter with Programmer Kai Fi'Ain About Video Nasties

Fringe! Programmer and Filmmaker Kai Fi'Ain
Fringe! Programmer and Filmmaker Kai Fi“Ain

Kai, can you tell us a bit about what's good about a queer b-movie? What can people expect that's not in a mainstream movie?

What I love about a B-movie…

Millenial Coping Strategies and Sad Girls

By Jess

In order to assess the mess that is the millennial coping strategy, we have to firstly get off that pedastal and admit that we are exactly what we are trying to hide… a fucking mess.

Amongst the mindless scrolling and trolling online,…

What's love got to do with it?

In cinema we can love, but in keeping with society’s structure, this usually comes at a cost greater than; bae’s ex turning out to be your boss at the new job you started… which is a weirdly relatable, if less weighty, scenario in the often-interconnected queer scene. Because of this are we missing out on exploring these heartfelt narratives, and not sharing with the world the full extent of how…

5 queer women i want to be when i grow up - and the lessons they teach

Listen, there aren’t a whole tonne of actual lez idols out there, so picking out the gems is usually A TASK. The Fringe! Lineup though – rife with role models, life lessons, and the kind of guidance for life that any aspiring BAMF could use. Below, sage guidance for how to live your best life, or in my case, rules for how to be a better adult in general:

1.   Audre Lorde

Listen up, gather round (Read up on our venue changes)

Hey loves! Sadly due to unforeseen problems with Stoke Newington Town Hall we have had to re-house next week's festival hub and activities to ensure our audience's full enjoyment of our events and screenings.

Our new hub venue is an old fave: our beloved Rose Lipman Building! Here's a code to the changes:

  • The programme of the Stoke Newington…

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