It is a vital time for us to all commit to anti-racism. Police brutality and the violence being inflicted by the state toward Black people in the US (and the UK) is something that has been allowed by society for far too long. The police have been able to kill Black citizens with impunity and this rebellion is the necessary battle to bring this to the world’s attention. Generations of lives have been lost in a tragedy spanning centuries and continuing today. As a community organisation with a platform we’re re-committing to amplifying the message of the current struggle for Black liberation against police brutality. 


A violent and racist police is how the privilege that non-Black people have is enforced and protected. This supremacy must be destabilised. White supremacy kills, en masse.


For those queer-identified people that have been a-political, or not known what sexuality has to do with fighting violent oppression, or not known what part you can play, this inaction was a privilege. As we enter #PrideMonth and take pride in those who rioted and faced police brutality for queer liberation, we must hold Black Lives Matter protestors and those rebelling in anger against police violence in the same regard: with pride, care, and honour. 


Now is the time to commit to life-long learning and solidarity. NONE OF US ARE FREE UNTIL ALL OF US ARE FREE.





Resources for allies:


Write to your MP today.


Join the protest respectfully:


Donate money (and consider making it regular if employed):

Bustle’s list of funds

Black Visions Collective

Brooklyn Community Bail Out Fund

Black Mamas Bail Out



Petitions to sign and share:

Petition to teach real history in UK schools

Justice for Belly Mujinga

Stop selling arms for the US to use on its citizens

Justice for bystander David McAtee killed 1 June

Don’t let the state execute Julius Jones

38 years served for $9


Message us at if there’s a resource you would like us to amplify. 


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