The Time is NOWNESS

Slowly, but not silently, NOWNESS has been creating a platform for queer voices to tell their stories without censorship, and at Fringe! we have been delighted to showcase a number of these gems at our Festival. So as we all self-isolate one of our programmers Grant has taken a deep dive into the NOWNESS archive and handpicked some queer treats for you to enjoy. 

From subverting the domestic routine, to finding a community were you can be yourself, this collection of shorts aims to show us the many ways in which we question and proudly present our identity. As with everything Fringe! expect this curation to be a little be sexy and more than a little bit thought provoking. 

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You Make Me Weak At The Knees | dir. Joseph Wilson | UK | 2020 | 5min

As a follower at the church of Non-Monogamy this film struck a chord, lyrically confronting the struggles of balancing multiple intimacies. Sexy and sentimental, this is a perfect plunge into an ever present issue. 

Sally ’n’ Lucy | dir. Harry Eelman | USA | 2016 | 3min

This tattooed and leather clad portrait of intimacy is a sweet tribute to love that will brighten your day. My heart was filled by the warmth shared in the precious moments we spend with these two. 

Unity | dir. Mollie Mills | USA/UK | 2019 | 3min

A pivot from romantic love, to the love of a community, in this tender observation of a queer skate collective. Full of the haze of a skate park, this short captures what it feels to create a space and call it home. 

Cheeto Monster | dir. Cassandra Surina and David Ehrenreich | Canada | 2020 | 5min

From community we now look inward at one’s identity within society. This snappy snack filled contemplation of a Japanese expat dealing with issues of identity and gender in Vancouver. 

Die For Love | dir. Bunny Kinney | UK | 2018 | 3min

Love and Fashion collide in this throbbing confrontation of the queer gender identity, rethinking the limitations of traditional love. A gorgeous questioning of where the boundaries of love lie. 

I Know What It’s Like To Be Dead | dir. Bruce LaBruce | Canada| 1989 | 16min

I don’t believe in much, but I believe in Bruce LaBruce. This previously unreleased short by one of Fringe’s favourite auteurs is potent provocation of the social panic surrounding AIDS.

Retreats: Savage Ranch | dir. Liza Mandelup | USA | 2018 | 10min

Open up the doors, let your identity run free and take a peek into Savage Ranch. This queer refuge/artist commune will push you to take your creativity to the limits. Gentle and moving this film gives hope for the future of queer creative freedom. 

Jamila | dir. Ariel Danziger, Adam Donald and Charlie Gross | USA| 2020 | 8min

Lyrics become gospel in this  deceptively complex, and neon lit, document of one trans woman’s journey to look like Lil’ Kim. A visual feast that taps into the complexities of idol worship.

Kiss of the Rabbit God | dir. Andrew Thomas Huang | USA | 2019 | 15min

Some worship god and some worship lovers, but between ancient Chinese traditions and neon lit restaurants, these erotic blood-filled devotions meet. Rich in symbolism with an aesthetic like nothing else, this is one not to be missed. 

Heaven, Hell | dir. Ralph Pritchard | UK | 2018 | 10min

Few films feel more like an experience than entertainment, and this is one of them. Both intense and delicate this experimental split-screen marvel makes us confront the discourse between our digital words and reality. 

Deep Clean | dir. David Wilson | UK | 2019 | 4min

Finishing us off, Fringe! Favourite Harry Clayton-Wright, light’s up the screen in this beautiful subversive ode to domestic chores. The perfect way to end this journey into the wonderful world of NOWNESS.

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