POSE (Netflix) | LINK

If you're yet to see this legendary Fox drama, now is the time! The buryyrgays group just hosted a binge-a-long, but you can catch up at home anytime.

Paris is Burning

And in case you've missed Jennie Livingston's influential doc and want to count all of the ways in which queer culture was informed by this introduction of ball culture to the mainstream, get watching!

The Death and Life of Marsha P Johnson

In the absence of a thorough documentary about this forebearer of queer and trans rights' life, we'd advise checking out this film by David France which sees indigenous trans elder Victoria Cruz seek justice for this lost icon. We'd also suggest you check out Reina Gossett's project Happy Birthday Marsha.


In this charming documentary, famed Brazilian cartoonist comes out as trans, telling their hidden story. 

The Queen

From 1968, this documentary went behind the scenes of a 'female impersonator' competition. Of course this means its focus is drag performers, but these are also some exciting early representations of people breaking open binary notions of gender.

Jewel's Catch One

In a similar vein, this film represents a range of folk from the lgbtiqa+ communities, but is such an overlooked and important film that it deserves a mention. Telling the story of the Catch One, the oldest Black gay bar in America, and the originator of the culture that produced the Shakedown, this film is some joy.

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Celine Sciamma's tender film follows the life of gnc child Laure as they explore self definition, at a defining moment of their childhood.


Daisy Asquith's film pilfers from the BFI archive to find images of queer desire, but within this, complex and beautiful gender expressions abound.

Stud Life

Legendary local filmmaker Campbell X gained attention with this feature film in 2012. The central character (played by Years and Years' T'Nia Miller) doesn't identify as trans, but as a stud, and this identity is explored throughout. Filmmaker Campbell is an important originator of Black trans-masculine visibility in the local scene, and his film DES!RE recently explored transmasc sex appeal to tantalising effect.


A Year in Transition | LINK

The copy reads: 'Trans man and film maker Lorne Clarkson documents their friend Issa’s personal journey as a 20 year old Arab-American trans masculine person. A positive and charming insight into coming out, taking hormones, having top surgery, and finding solace in the trans community.
CN: discussion of surgery and misgendering'

Burton Before and After | LINK

The copy reads: 'Fifteen years after Burton began his gender-affirming transition, his longtime friend Courtney calls him up with news that she has uncovered a cache of home video footage from that time period. In the wake of greater transgender awareness in the dominant culture, Courtney proposes that they go on-camera to revisit the old footage together.'

Chocolate Babies | LINK

Stephen Winter's legendary feature's central characters are a group of gender non-conforming queerdos that you need to know: 'Welcome to the front lines of AIDS activism, where the latest enemy raids are being run by a band of unlikely warriors: two drag queens, an HIV-positive man with tiny gemstones dotting his bald head, and his HIV-positive sister. These self-proclaimed “black faggots with a political agenda” launch street assaults on conservative politicians who won't support a hospice in their New York City neighborhood.'

Leitis in Waiting | LINK

A festival hit from a few years back, 'Leitis in Waiting is a thought provoking and compelling story that explores the decolonizing resistance of Tongan trans women'. 

Comment below with your favourite films that we've missed! A major thanks to Leeds Queer Film Fest who provided this invaluable database of free queer online content.

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