By Jess

In order to assess the mess that is the millennial coping strategy, we have to firstly get off that pedastal and admit that we are exactly what we are trying to hide… a fucking mess.

Amongst the mindless scrolling and trolling online, we are all desperate to separate ourselves away from the addictions of the digital age. We want desperately to deny our own guilt and hypocrisy, yet the solidarity from the millions of other millennials doing exactly the same allows us to justify every dumb move by humouring it.

We are agitated yet stimulated by stereotypes as a means of online community. Growing out of the emo and scene kid phase onto punks, Y2K divas and cyber goths. One amongst the varying  stereotypes being the ‘sad girl’, the pro-active online radical feminist who cannot escape her own melancholic, self-sabotaging ways.

‘Sad girls are so annoying! All they ever do is whine, and cut themselves, and want to be solaced.’

So imagine the consequence of 4 sad girls deciding they want to withdraw from the patriarchal society and live off-grid in the mountains… Directors Candy Flip and Theo Meow humour the idea of these young females by dissecting the damaging side affects society has on their mental health in ‘Sad Girls of the Mountains’.

Self-harm, radicalism and the fetishisation of the young female bodies all exposed in an intelligent mockumentary that forces the spectator to realise the persuasion of the male gaze, even within a feminist micro-utopian setting.

Flourishing in self-imposed exile, creating positive-sex DIY porn as a coping mechanism, because which millennial doesn’t open the draw next to your body, pull out a vibrator and cry wank every time we hate ourselves? It all seems to be blissful profit until a dumb straight-white-male gonzo journalist treks to the mountains to meet them.  He thinks he’s going to study them, but male power doesn’t work that way in the mountains.

The film fools around with the idea of fetishisation, the wigs, the glitter, the baby voices however look past it, focus on the undercurrent that exposes how the mind set of millennials is to see sadness as an inescapable side effect of society. There is no doubtedly elements of discomfort in looking at the young faces and bodies of the women but it dips a toe into the pool of sexual politics. The sad girls remain in the realm of exploiting themselves because they cannot escape exploitation.

The film witnesses females who have taught that the overwhelming current socio, eco and political climate mean they are selfish to feel anything other than sadness, they are selfish to think of anything other than the gross mass injustices. In order to feed their craving for change and selflessness, they use societal prescribed misery to make pornography for a website they name ‘Sad Girls.’ The website is a response to the trans-misogynist violence that saturates sex, however the money they use going straight to the support of female Kurdish military groups.

‘Sad Girls of the Mountains’ questions what is coping? What is being a millennial?

To be a millennial is to be an avid part of capitalism yet doing everything you can to present completely the opposite to the outside world.

It’s proudly ordering our daily oat flat white because we’re using a reusable mug.

It’s becoming a pro-active social media activist to relinquish the guilt we feel for dropping £100 on ASOS, a cis-white male owned company that we all know is keeping new slavery alive.

It’s using the internet as an over-sharing platform to which you admit to the few hundred followers you have how sad you are, when really they don’t give a shit. I mean, it’s thinking that Vlogging is a career in the first place.

It’s going to hot yoga on a ket comedown.

It’s Balenciaga as a personality.

It’s classifying yourself as an anti-western medicine herbalist who unapologetically goes to every chem-sex party on the weekend.

It’s hating Vice but your search history claiming click bait gets the better of you every-time.

It’s pleading poverty to colleges and friends but being able to find the finances to get sloshed on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night. It’s using those drunken nights to tell your mates or anyone who will listen that the guy you met on Grindr isn’t the one because your star signs just aren’t compatible.

It’s showing up to every political protest just for the insta. Because how do we actually deal with being angry at the government? Another intense cry wank.

It’s romanticised toxic on and off relationships just because it's millennial to have commitment issues.

It’s sending voice notes because texting takes too much time.


Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest is proud to present Capital Rétour, a millennial movie that capture the spirit of spiralling social interactions.


If you are looking into seeking out new coping strategies why not join the Sad Girls at The Castle Cinema on November 15th at 9pm.

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