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Aromaxerapy: a social history of poppers

Sat Nov 16, 21:00

Film,Performance,Talk, Rose Lipman Building (downstairs in The Love Hub), £7

Twist. Snifffff. Hold. Release. Poppers floated into our world thanks to a handsome daddy doctor who noticed their effects on angina patients in 1867. This virile vapour has since wafted onto disco dancefloors and into a subculture of porn video supercuts, via the House of Commons. 

This smelly session will take three parts. Writer Adam Zmith will give a newly-researched talk into the fascinating history of poppers. Filmmaker Grant Gulczynski presents an uncensored version of Bator (2019), a short on poppers. Finally: a poppers-tasting workshop. This session is on its knees, waiting to inhale.

BATOR | dir. Grant Gulczynski | UK | 2019 | 15min

Presented in partnership with Strange Perfume

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