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26 de Diciembre

Sun Nov 18, 15:00

Film, Hackney House, £6

UK Premiere | dir. Silvia Maggi | Netherlands | 2017 | 70min

A portrait of everyday life for an elderly LGBT community in Madrid.

The residents’ different stories show aspects of the social situation and the needs of LGBT elderly people in Spain. Four former drag performers performed as ‘Las Roseras’ during Franco’s dictatorship in Madrid and Barcelona: a time when prosecution and violence was an everyday problem. Their memories and those of the other residents highlight the importance of demanding recognition for social rights, the crucial need for social housing and the different ways that love can be understood.

The horizontal hierarchy developed amongst the cohabitants allowed all residents to have an active role in the house irrespective of their gender identity, background or any health conditions, giving everyone the opportunity to feel welcome and important for this community.

Screens with
Visible | dir Enrique Rey | Spain | 2018 | 20min

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This event is supported by Hackney Council through its Hackney Pride 365 initiative

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