Shorts: Portrait of the Artist as a Young Queerdo

Fri Nov 16, 21:00

Film,Q+A, Hackney House, Free

See the queer perspective expressed in varied creative forms and traditions such as painting, congregating, breaking in, recording, interrogating, being gross, and being honest, confronting... Queer rule-breakers and visionaries showcase ingenuity and creativity in this programme of short films made by and about artists.

She Is Juiced: Slice Two - Ope Lori | dir. Lois Norman | UK | 13’37
Lois Norman explores Ope Lori’s work, which re-frames racial and Lesbian stereotypes and explores desire, the body and pleasure.

Unicorns of Westfield | dir. Louise Ashcroft  | UK | 5’36
Local artist Louise Ashcroft explores Westfield, Stratford and capitalism in her assumed residency.

His Physique | dir. Katherine Christie Evans | UK | 4’25
Local musician Katherine Christie Evans applies a playful non binary gaze to cultural iconography, queering the male figure in this DIY music video.

Diva | dir. Adam Csoka Keller | UK | 6’20
Cries of “Diva” ring out in the drag bar and the opera house in this surreal queer fantasia on classical music.

My Fuzzy Valentine | dir. Ben Edelberg | Canada | 5’
Put the Playboy centrefold in the hands of a Dyke and she will make her into a monster. Artist Allyson Mitchell narrates her experimental process in relation to queer femininity and the body.

Queere Tiere | dir. Ana Angel | Germany | 3’41
Rapper Sookee explores queerness and biodiversity in nature in this animated ear-worm.

She Is Juiced: Slice Four - Sarah Jane Moon | dir. Lois Norman | UK | 15’53
Lois Norman explores the queer portraiture of local artist Sarah Jane Moon, whose work records our local lesbian scene.

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