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It is Not the Pornographer That is Perverse...

Fri Nov 16, 20:30

Film, Hackney House, £6

dir. Bruce LaBruce | Germany | 2017 | 69min

Bruce LaBruce is not just a filmmaker. He's a pervert. But more importantly: He's a cinephile

It Is Not the Pornographer Who is Perverse...produced with every intelligent homosexual's favourite porn studio, CockyBoys (I mean, they sometimes wear glasses!) is a raunchy, hardcore and tongue-in-cheek take on what porn movies used to be, and what they still could be – if you weren't skipping straight to the money shot, babe.

Now is your chance to give up trying to find snippets of it on Tumblr, because Fringe! are giving you all you desire for minimal cover-charge and maximum tumescence.

Comprised of four explicit vignettes referencing the work of Pasolini, LaBruce himself and the erotic breeding ground of the cinema, this is your chance to get close to a group of strangers in the dark. Porn stars, fuck boys, big dicks. Just remember - it's art darling - we can't touch it.

NB: Ticket price includes booking fee.

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