Festival Team - Top Fives, Round 1

Posted on Mon 14 Nov by AlexK /

With so much on offer it can be hard to make decisions about what to see/attend at Fringe!… Choices. AS EVERY YEAR WE're BRINGing YOU THE FESTIVAL TEAM'S PERSONAL TOP 5 FILMS AND EVENTS to make sure you can banish fomo once and for all. in round one, we hear from FESTIVAL DIRECTOR ALEX, marketing Coordinator anna, PROGRAMMEr CHARLIE, AND sponsorship MANAGER daniele.

Alex Karotsch, Festival Director

Lazy Eye - Thursday 17 November, Genesis Cinema

This one's emotional and you'll really be able to empathise if you ever had that 'one that got away' feeling, although Lazy Eye is about more than that. And it's set in the gorgeous California desert. 

NÉ GIULIETTA, NÉ ROMEO (A LITTLE LUST) - Wednesday 16 November, Genesis Cinema

Although A Little Lust starts off as a coming out / family drama it quickly turns this on its head when it morphs into quite a lolz comedy with some very hilarious supporting characters. Not your typical coming out film.

Queer Gestures - Sunday 20 November, Barbican Conservatory

Back in our first year in 2011 our friends at I'm With You took over Vogue Fabrics in Dalston and put performances in every nook and cranny. And this year they're taking over the Barbican Conservatory with a host of fabulous artists. It's a rare chance to get into this brilliant space in the Barbican and the event is totally free.

The Watermelon Woman - Sunday 20 November, Barbican Cinema

And while you're at the Barbican on Sunday afternoon why not catch the 20th anniversary screening of The Watermelon Woman. Cheryl Dunye's New Queer Cinema classic has been restored for the 21st century and is as vital and important today as it was in 1996, uncovering our hidden histories - those of queer people in general and queer people of colour in particular.

Pan People - Thursday 17 November, The Glory

Get your kink on with Holestar who will show you some basic BDSM ropes and then you can party in your best fetish gear afterwards. Absolutely everyone welcome. We're here to turn you on. Always.

Anna Wates, Marketing Coordinator

The Watermelon Woman - Sunday 20 November, Barbican Cinema

Whilst a lot has been written about the importance of this rarely-screened cinematic gem and its groundbreaking representation of black lesbian experience, what I also love is the film’s incredible humour and wit; a satire on fiction, truth, and lesbians.

Club Des Femmes Presents Old Words in New Orders: Almost Out + Man - Wednesday 16th November, Barbican Cinema

We’ve teamed up with old friends queer/feminist curating collective Club Des Femmes for a night of film and video exploring feminist parenting and care, and I can’t wait for the Q&A with the ever-illuminating Maja Borg and Sophie Mayer.

Guru, a Hijra Family - Saturday 19th November, Hackney Showroom

I adore the intimate moments of domestic familiarity captured in this sensitive doc; a rare glimpse into the everyday life of a family of Hijras, or third gendered persons, in India. The compelling Lakshmi Ma serves as guru mother to her seven daughters, a fairy-godmother-type-figure inspirational for queers everywhere.

Shorts: Histories, Real and Imagined - Saturday 19th November, Hackney showroom

Effecting and poignant shorts which left me feeling I had been transported to alternate worlds and secret moments both past and present. Each offers a queer reading of history and the archive, whether through using archival material, home movie footage, Super 8 flea market finds, or surreal animation.

Kiki – Saturday 19th November, Barbican Cinema

The vibrancy of the kiki scene, created and governed by queer youth of colour in New York, delivers an expressive and empowering documentary. 

Charlie Cox, Programmer

YOU'LL NEVER BE ALONE - Sunday 20th November, Rio Cinema

This was my festival favourite from Berlin film festival! I absolutely love the use of cinematography in this pic with stellar colours and a soundtrack to match. Impressive fact: director Alex Anwandter is a renowned musician in Chile and composed the score himself! Supporting Actor, Sergio Hernández,impressively demands your attention on screen portraying a father up against all the odds to seek justice & vengeance for his son who was attacked. Absolute, must see.

UTOPIANS - Saturday 19th November, Rio Cinema

Director SCUD is at it again with UTOPIANS. He somehow got this passed and approved by the local classification board with overt nudity and some seriously hot sex scenes. Set among the gorgeous Hong Kong skyline this student-cum-professor opens the viewer to a whole new type of education.

SHORTS: Queer, Far, Wherever You Are! – Sunday 20th November, Hackney showroom

Curating this short selection was a pure DELIGHT. Stories of yearning, longing and belonging so beautifully told you may even catch a tear in your eye! From a Great-British-Lez-Off inspired love story, to an animation moon song, to the complications of the emotions of a porn-star - this selection will take you on a queer journey far to places you may have never even knew existed!

STRIKE A POSE – Sunday 20th November, Rio Cinema

After seeing this at the World Preimere at the Berlinale there was a standing ovation for 20 minutes and not a dry eye in the house! STRIKE A POSE is a story so respectfully & elegantly told of the reunification of the six remaining back-up dancers from Madonna's 1990s Blonde Ambition tour. If you want something that moves you, emotionally and physically watch this.

SHORTS: NATURAL INSTINCTS - Saturday 19th November, Hackney Showroom

This selection of shorts will push the boundaries of even the most adventurous. So if you're up for the challenge cum watch this sexy, fetish-filled programme with your open-mind and cheeky spirit. There's some flocking in the woods that gives 'fisty-cuffs' and walking the dog new meanings programmed alongside many other delights that you simply will not find ANYWHERE else!

Daniele Guerra, Sponsorship Manager

Lazy Eye - Thursday 17 November, Genesis Cinema

A romantic, sexy film about trying to recapture love.... as sponsorship manager, I am proud that SCRUFF is supporting this.

NÉ GIULIETTA, NÉ ROMEO (A LITTLE LUST) - Wednesday 16 November, Genesis Cinema

A hilarious Italian coming of age comedy, followed by a Q&A with the director, Veronica Pivetti - and I am looking forward to translate for her!

VIVA - Tuesday 15th November, Rio Cinema

Our opening film- moving, intense and on the shortlist for the Academy Awards.

Shorts: Natural Instincts - Saturday 19th November, Hackney showroom

This shorts programme promises to titillate and arouse... enough said!

Check it - Thursday 17th November, Institute of light

Perhaps the most original film at the festival this year - a documentary about the only existing queer street gang in the world.