Sunday 20 November – 3.30pm

Hackney Showroom – Free

Spanking expert, artist and sexual educator Miss England will be returning for her fourth year at Fringe to deliver her seminar on spanking.  Resident dream maker at Coco de Mer, Miss England brings years of  experience to this educational session of entertainment, coveringh every aspect of spanking.  
Where to spank? How to spank? What to do it with - and why do it at all? Miss England will guide you through any and all questions, as well as proving a practical demonstration on lucky volunteers - and access to her toy chest of spanking tools!  
Whilst strictly for adults, this class promises to be lighthearted and fun, providing playful lessons in spanking - whether you're an old hand or a total beginner, you'll leave with a newfound appreciation for the joy of spanking.