Panel: Let's Have a Kiki: A Dialogue on Ballroom Culture from New York to London and Beyond

Sunday 20 November – 6pm

Hackney Showroom – £5

Curious about voguing and don't know where to go? Join Fringe! and English Breakfast London for a cozy roundtable discussion, moderated by the co-founder of English Breakfast London and international voguer and ballroom historian, Sydney UltraOmni. This evening will host members of the London Ballroom Scene as well as international guests to continue the conversation on ballroom, its roots and its legacy in New York City and beyond and give YOU a chance to participate in the dialogue. You don't want to miss it!

Hosted by Sydney UltraOmni, with Twiggy Pucci Garçon, DivaD Magnifique, and D'relle Khan.

Screening with DANCER AS INSURGENT / Simon Schultz / United States 2015 / 17’26
Documentary featuring Benjamin Hart, Chicago based dancer and activist, exploring voguing as radical poetic expression and emancipatory tool in the sociopolitical struggles of QTPOC communities in New York.


Father D’Relle Khan (London, UK)
D'relle Khan has been a prominent voice in the Ballroom Scene since 2002 as he was first in the House of Legacy before joining the International House of Khan UK Chapter of which he is the Father today.

He has taught vogue in schools, colleges and universities across the UK and abroad and has performed with some the music industry's best performers and artists. He has also participated in a variety of LGBTQ campaigns for HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness and has worked for social causes concerning the LGBTQ community in the UK.

divaD Magnifique (London, UK)
divaD Magnifique is the Mother of the UK London Chapter of the NYC House of Magnifique. divaD is known for her classique, clean, unbothered and cunt performance of the original “Pop Dip and Spin” and FemQueen Performance. 

Her journey with voguing began back in April 2010 and she became a Magnifique in 2013. In her own words she says, "I carry my house name and its legacy with great pride, passion and love. I like to say voguing found me, because at the time I was at a point in my life where I needed rescuing and voguing did just that for me."

divaD’s credits in and out of the Ballroom and Kiki scene include being a dancer at Gay Black London Pride 2013, performing with FKA Twigs in the “Glass And Patron” music video as well as being the recipient of several “Old Way” Grand Prizes in Europe.

Twiggy Pucci Garçon (New York City, USA)
A model, a runway trainer, an LGBTQ youth advocate and co-writer of the Sundance-selected and Teddy Award-winning documentary feature film, ‘Kiki’, Twiggy has collaborated with artists, filmmakers, academics, and policymakers to increase visibility of both creative and sociopolitical agendas for LGBTQ communities of color. He has been a part of the Ballroom Community for over 10 years.

As a Senior Program Officer at the True Colors Fund, he works nationally to end LGBTQ youth homelessness in the US and has participated in a variety of dialogues LGBTQ youth issues and has been invited to the White House multiple times to work on this issue.

In the Ballroom Scene and outside of the community his work has been honored with many prestigious awards including the NY Black Pride Ballroom Leadership Award, the HEAT Program’s Outstanding Leadership and Community Service Award, GMHC/House of Latex Project’s Hector Xtravaganza Excellence Award, and the Kiki Scene’s Community Organizing Award.

Sydney UltraOmni (London, UK)
Sydney UltraOmni is an urban geographer and economist, a budding public intellectual, ballroom historian, a DJ and producer, and a proud member of the iconic and pioneering House of UltraOmni, one of the original New York ballroom houses founded in 1979. He is the co-founder of "English Breakfast London," a regular voguing night held in East London.  

Upon graduating magna cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania in 2011, Sydney’s journey began in Europe as a German Academic Exchange (DAAD) Scholar in Berlin where aside from his research on environmental policy he found himself getting deeper in to voguing. After living in Paris and now living in London he has became an active member of the ballroom community in Europe and in New York City, snatching trophies for categories including “Butch Realness” “Butch Face” and “Old Way.”  

As a recent masters graduate of the London School of Economics and Sciences Po Paris, outside of ballroom Sydney has continued his previous work on issues of social and racial justice, gender equality and ecojustice including acting as a consultant to the French Prime Minister’s office on gender equality (“Haut Conseil à l’Egalité entre les femmes et les hommes”).  

This fall Sydney had the honor of being awarded “Man of Distinction 2016” at this year’s “Status Ball” in New York City. The award was bestowed upon him for his work in the ballroom scene in Europe as well as his dedication to historical archiving and preservation in the ballroom community in New York City. 

Sydney has carefully curated this panel tonight to spark conversation and create a dialogue around the many questions surrounding the ballroom community and he is excited for our guests to share their insight and perspective.